Whistleblowing Becoming a Paid Profession

Now that there is a formal program for those who have dug up the dirt on a given company in the private sector, there is a well prepared SEC Whistleblower lawyer out there ready to be retained for this new boondoggle of the legal profession. Despite the carving up of the economic engine and the extinguishing of the opportunities for the private citizen to make something of themselves with their own efforts in business, there are still some businesses left to blow the whistle on. Tort reform never happened to the healthcare system which badly needed it but the lawyers now must gravitate to broader horizons such as offering legal representation to protect those who will rat on their employers in the banking, investing and securities profession. Having well trained specialists in the law of Whistle blowing, is a boon in itself as the rewards now for whistle blowing are extraordinary. http://www.secwhistlebloweradvocate.com/program/program-overview

Lucrative careers are now being crafted, trained for and lived out in the realm of those who will defend the person who reveals the transgressions of businesses and organizations who are abusing their business responsibilities by breaking laws that involve the various regulations or federal laws. There legal beagles are eager to step in and launch a full out legal assault on small, medium and large businesses who dare to put their existence over the well being and rights of the workers or the public for whom they exist to serve. There is a profession that covers the litigation process involved in shining the light of transparency on these organizations who can be exposed for a premium that is now split between the whistleblower lawyers and the clients who hire them for protection from the wrath of the exposed employer.

In the past, any employee who dared to speak out about transgressions of employers upon them were blackballed and eternally ruined by that employer to silence them and put them in their place. The new Whistleblower Program that was developed by legal teams such as Labaton Sucharow will use their collective knowledge of the securities laws which involve all kinds of obscure practices by hedge fund management firms and other Wall Street like businesses, to defend the rights of their clients who have exposed the possible wrong doing of those people who sign their paychecks.

It is a system of SEC Whistleblower attorney knowledge that will take employers to trial or arbitration for such exposures where the employee who is exposing them will not be black listed or harmed in the process but more to their aggrandizement, they win large sums of damages that are lodged against the employer. Splitting those proceeds will be the legal team of whistleblower experts as the new industry dawns on the golden horizon.

Brian Bonar: A True Man of His Word

In any line of business, your reputation means a lot and stands for a lot. If you have a good reputation, people know they can count on you, rely on you, and know you will come through. As the old expression goes, trust is hard to gain but easy to lose. Read more: Brian Bonar | Whitepages

When you have worked in the financial sector for nearly thirty years and stayed around and battled the good times and the bad times, you have built up quite a reputation. Brian Bonar has a reputation that is second to none. When people hear his name and know what he has done, they stand up and pay attention.

In addition to his reputation, he has earned respect. This is also hard to gain as well. According to XERepublic, Brian Bonar has earned the respect of his peers and of all of the people that he works with. If you asked the people he works with what they think of him, they would give him high praise.

They would talk about how he still works as hard today as he did the first day he got the job. They would talk about how approachable he is around the office. They would talk about life lessons he has passed onto them as well as lessons as it pertains to the job.

That is why I couldn’t be more to announce that Brian Bonar, Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, recently received the highest award in his field, and he earned it every single step of the way. He received the Cambridge Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance.

In case you are unfamiliar with the award, it is only given out to two men and two women a year, so he is in rarefied air to say the least. It is an award that means a great deal to Brian Bonar, especially because one of the things they look at is leadership skills.

Brian takes great pride in being a leader and helping out his employees. He wants to be the type of leader that people respect, trust, and they know they are getting the real man.

There is nothing that is fake about Brian Bonar. He is as sincere as they come and everything he does for the company, for the employees, and for the business, it comes from his heart. He hopes that people have taken something away from him from years of working for him and they will do so in the future as well.

The best is still yet to come for Brian Bonar! He has no plans of slowing down or calling it quits. He still loves the job, loves the people, and feels as though he has more lessons to pass on to others.

Skiing in Lake Tahoe’s Best Resorts

Skiing in Lake Tahoe is a great way to spend your vacation. The cold, crisp air is exhilarating and Lake Tahoe, North America’s alpine lake, is a winter wonderland. Set in the Sierra Nevada mountains where as much as 400 inches of snow falls each year, Lake Tahoe offers ski adventures for the entire family. Plus there are snow sports and access to arts and cultural events, spectacular shows and lots of places with excellent food and drink. There’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush you get when you stand atop a ski slope on Lake Tahoe and see the soft, new snow beckoning below.

There are many beautiful, cozy, exciting resorts on Lake Tahoe. Places like Heavenly Mountain Resort with magnificent views of the Sierra Nevada mountains, the longest vertical drop and the region’s highest elevation. It also boasts Lake Tahoe’s largest ski area on squawalpine.com and an amazing network of beginner, intermediate, advanced and expert trails, a variety of terrain, top-notch nightlife and entertainment and world-class luxury. There’s also Northstar California Resort with its wonderful high-end luxury lodgings, 8,600 foot elevation, 20 lifts, wide long groomers and challenging tree skiing trails galore.

Diamond Peak Ski Resort is another of Lake Tahoe’s gems. Nestled in picturesque Incline Village, the resort features miles of uncrowded runs, an award-winning ski school and breathtaking views. All of this at some of the region’s best prices.

Lake Tahoe’s unquestioned star attraction is Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows. Set in the iconic Olympic Valley which hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics, visiting Squaw Valley is an unforgettable experience. This legendary destination is home to the jagged peak of McConkey’s, one of the world’s most famous lifts, breathtaking vistas and some of the best ski trails on the planet. Add places like the amazing groomer Mountain Run and miles of terrain for every level of skier, and an endless array of places to dine and shop and it’s easy to see why Squaw Valley has remained one of America’s top ski destinations for generations.

Just a 15 minutes lift ride away is Alpine Meadows Resort with its Pacific Crest bowls, wide open terrain, high-speed 6-person Summit lift and spectacular view of Lake Tahoe. Its chalet-style lodges, over 100 trails, groomed runs and incredible mountain adventures that spans more than 2,400 acres. Plus you can enjoy both resorts with one ticket.

Come see the best Lake Tahoe has to offer.

The Wisdom of Kabbalah Meets at the Kabbalah Centres

The wisdom of Kabbalah dates back thousands of years to the ancient Jewish culture, back to the early days of the Bible. Kabbalah spirituality originates in the belief that God is all Light, and when the wisdom of Kabbalah is accepted and understood, the student gets closer to the Light; humans are ever on a journey.

Kabbalah also says that every human being has a purpose on earth, and people will continue to walk in situations that teach them until they leave this earth.

Kabbalah Centres are located around the world in many cities so that those on a spiritual journey can come together and learn from the books and CDs that are available. The original Kabbalah Centre is in Israel, which confirms its close relationship with the Jewish religion. Kabbalah wisdom has been translated from original teachings into every language on the globe by the Bergs who have dedicated their lives to this.

The actual meaning of the word Kabbalah means “to receive.” The Kabbalah Centres offer many opportunities for an individual to take spiritual courses in the ancient wisdom.

There is now Kabbalah University online allows more students to reach the wisdom. These teachings on Kabbalah wisdom focus on being positive in a world that is mainly negative. For instance, this could mean learning a lesson from your regret or building self-confidence through the effect of social media. Kabbalah finds purpose in every situation, leaving nothing to chance.

The teachings at the Kabbalah Centre are developed to focus the person on their spiritual and God-like characteristics so that your joy increases until you experience emotional and spiritual well-being. Negative emotions block the Light that supplies the happiness and joy, but with Kabbalah wisdom, you can lead the life you were meant to live.

The central book of Kabbalah is The Zohar, which relates the energy to Light and the consciousness of God. Students of Kabbalah “tap” into the source, and bring the Light out, which includes sharing it with others. Spreading the Light is the main goal in a student’s life.

More places to find the Kabbalah Centre:


White Shark Inspires Success by Turning Customer Feedback to Ideas for Development

Most businesses dread the thought of a complaint posted by a customer about a product or service, but what they fail is to realize the power that lies in such information.

White Shark Media has proved there is more to gain from customer complaints that to lose. White Shark is a leading online marketing agency and through the the years they have been in business, they have received complements and complaints alike.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: http://blog.whitesharkmedia.com/typical-complaints-from-white-shark-media-clients-and-how-we-make-sure-they-never-happen-again

Most of the complaints posted by customers have turned out to be a huge eye-opener for the company. Below are few that have been noted before and how the company has turned them into gems.

“I am not in touch with my AdWords Campaigns”
Many customers who joined White Shark Media at its inception will remember the number of features and tools that were available. There were not many tools and the features available then were not customized to handle many tasks at a time.

For example, the reporting procedures available were not adequate enough to pave way for the development of small business.

When this complaint was raised, the company took the opportunity to re-design the system to include what the customers were asking for. With new features and tools, customers can know the contents of a campaign and can receive guiding information about each tool and feature. It’s easier to understand a campaign and know what to expect.     Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:https://disqus.com/home/channel/whitesharkmediacomplaints/discussion/channel-whitesharkmediacomplaints/white_shark_media_complaints/

“I don’t like the your communication strategy”
Any company will confirm that at the initial stages it is always bumpy and before getting established, there will be numerous complaints raised regarding services and products. One of the areas that was yet to be worked on is the communication division.

Support is vital, so White Shark Media Complaints team took the initiative to rectify the communication department by introducing an around-the-clock system that would include scheduled monthly calls through GoToMeeting and phone direct extensions.

Customers are now able to reach support and information necessary for their businesses, all in less than one minute.

“I wish you also offered SEO”
Again, many customers were of the opinion that to make their campaign easier, it would be preferable to have all services including SEO handled by one agency.

White Shark Media heeded to this call and started forwarding customer details to SEM Strategists, who would then come up with an SEO plan that is effective and ideal for the business presented by the customer for marketing.

Norka Luque Went From A Club Singer To International Star Thanks To A Chance Meeting

Most people don’t realize the amount of hard work, dedication, and frustration that goes into making it big in the music business. For every one person that has a successful career in the music business, there are hundreds that never make it past the club circuit. Making it big as a singer takes a certain energy that’s hard to describe. We know it when we see and hear this energy, and that’s the case with Venezuelan Singer, Norka Luque. Luque is a special talent that comes along every 20 or 30 years. Norka was born to be an international star, but achieving that goal wasn’t easy. She experienced hardship, trauma and the hard knocks that come with performing in dingy clubs on the weekends where booze rules and dancing is the only relief.

Norka began singing in Caracas when she was eight. Norka was cast in a Luis Miguel musical that featured the music of Shakira. Shakira was Norka idol and the thought of meeting Shakira crossed her mind thousands of time while she took piano lesson and voice lessons. When Norka Luque graduated from upper school, she had the opportunity to study in France, and she took it. Norka moved to France and earned degrees in the culinary arts, marketing, and fashion. Norka also joined the band, Bad Moon Rising, and she sang in French dance clubs on the weekends. Norka developed a following in France, but she decided to move to the United States after hearing Ricky Martin perform one night. Martin was at the top of his career and Norka realize she needed to move to Miami if she was ever going to make it in the music business. Norka made the move and started singing in dance clubs along South Beach.

Norka has one of those unforgettable voices that can make people feel good. Norka’s reputation grew in South Beach, and she got the attention of Emilio Estefan, the Grammy-winning producer of the Miami Sound Machine. Estefan decided to work with Norka. Emilio, Archie Pena, and Luigi Giraldo put together a Norka Luque album that took the music business by surprise. Norka’s second single from the album, Milagro, raced to the top of the charts and stayed there for 14 weeks in Venezuela. Milagro was a hit club song in Miami, Puerto Rico, and Caracas, and Norka name is now on everyone’s lips.

More information for Norka Luque:


Why To Blow That Whistle

The United States has been rough on business for a long time. Sanctions have been imposed, and taxes have increased. Unfortunately, as this has happened, corruption has also run rampant. Everyone is looking to game the system, and more get away with that successfully than is reasonable for America’s economy. This “gaming” of the system is partially responsible for the 2008 financial collapse. Said recession is still affecting the country today, and full recovery may not actually be possible. The best contingency measures which can be made in reparation must necessarily be direct, and come from an offensive approach rather than a defensive one. This is why Congress recently enacted legislation spearheaded by Jordan A. Thomas, former Assistant Director of the SEC, or Securities and Exchange Commission. The legislation is called the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. It’s purpose is to help whistleblowers on the fence jump into government arms and help curtail underhanded dealings at the heads of their corporations. Informants have their employment protected, and they are also protected monetarily via incentives. Ten to thirty percent of recovered monetary sanctions are given to whistleblowers. The more sanctions there are recovered, the greater the incentives become.

The only downside to Dodd-Frank is that it can’t guarantee anonymity in whistleblowing. For that, whistleblowers need to go to a legal practice. Labaton Sucharow is led by Jordan A. Thomas, who wrote all the Dodd-Frank legislation in the first place. This firm will give clients cost-free initial consultation. Anonymity may be retained in that consultation, though the legal firm strongly encourages potential whistleblowers to reveal themselves to their attorney. Attorney-client privilege is enacted throughout initial consultations and subsequent work, so people don’t have to worry about information slipping about anywhere.

Restoring America’s economy will take a lot of brave informants to bring the whistle to their lips and blow as hard as possible. If their identities can be shielded, if their jobs can be sustained, and if there is monetary incentive to do so, it is very possible that economic recovery may take place. Going with legal representation through such a harsh climate of legal intrigue is eminently advisable. Labaton Sucharow was the first practice to begin Whistleblower Representation in the immediate wake of Dodd-Frank. As such, they’ve got the greatest experience, and can boast intimate experience with the legislation. It may be possible to have that cake and eat it too.

Kate Hudson is beyond stunning in her Fabletics line of clothes!

Fabletics has been all over the internet taking the fitness fashion world by storm. Due to the recent popularity, Kate Hudson has been in demand for interviews! Elle Magazine recently had the honor to meet with Kate and discuss her clothing line. During the interview, Kate explained why she wanted to start this Fabletics clothing line. She stated to Elle Magazine “When I talk about getting my creative juices flowing in another field, I always wanted it to be something that had a consciousness. What is the message? And it was about reaching hopefully a large number of women who want to get involved in the community and helping them achieve their goals through the website. Then, I wanted to create a product as meaningful as the message like Fabletics. We wanted to make sure it was real athletic wear you can wear, whether you are an athlete or somebody who is really starting out that part of their life. I always wanted a legging you can wear to workout or throw some boots on and go out in. And, have it not cost $100 and have the same quality.”

What were the results of Kate’s creative line, Fabletics? An affordable line of clothing that the average person can wear and afford! The marketing place is creative and fun! Once you join, you will get your first outfit for only 25.00 and free shipping! Then the perks just begin! As part of the paid Fabletics VIP membership program, you will save up to 50% off regular pricing and earn points towards free loyalty items. Every month you have the option to log in and shop or skip the month if you do not need anything. If you do not log in then, you will be charged the $49.95 fee that will be used as credit to purchase. The clothing of Fabletics is excellent, functional, fun, and affordable. Members can cancel at any time, but unlikely that you will want to. The perks of membership include:

* 40-50% Off Retail Prices

* Free Shipping on Orders Over $49

* Earn Rewards Points for Free Gear

The line of clothes is beyond fun. Don’t take my word for it. Start your membership today at Fabletics.com

Reference: http://www.elle.com/culture/a35253/getting-lost-and-found-with-kate-hudson/

Thicker, fuller hair with Wen by Chaz

Wen by Chaz is an all-in-one, shampoo, conditioner and styling product. One of the benefits of using Wen by Chaz [http://www.wen.com/chaz-dean.html] is that the shampoo is meant to replace many of your everyday styling products while providing you with thicker, fuller and healthier hair.
The hair style system is designed to replace up to five of your regular hair care products. Those products include shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. While replacing several products saves you time in managing your hair, it also will save you costs in how much you are spending on hair care products. Some websites like sephora have Wen by Chaz listed at $39 for a 16-ounce bottle, while others like ebay have it listed at a lot less.

One beauty blogger, with fine hair, decided to give Wen by Chaz a try. As we all know, hair comes in all types. She attempted the trial for seven days and kept a record of her results on Bustle.com.

From the beginning of the trial, with Wen by Chaz Dean, she loved how bouncy and shiny her hair had become after using the product. She noticed that less hair was accumulating in the shower, and her hair felt thicker than usual. She also started receiving compliments for how good her hair looked from using Wen by Chaz.

She did notice that when she did not shower right away, her hair became greasier and more unmanageable. Also, when she attempted to curl her hair, it fell flat quicker.

The beauty blogger loved how WEN by Chaz made her hair look and feel after a fresh wash and styling. She suggested that, for best results, to wash your hair and style it in the morning before going out, especially if you have fine hair.


The Kennedy Center Surpasses Donation Goal With The Help Of Dick DeVos

The Kennedy Center for the Arts is an organisation I have always had the deepest respect for and follow the news of to keep up with the latest achievements and accomplishments seen within this arts based community. One Kennedy Center donor I have always been impressed with is the Michigan based business leader Dick DeVos who has worked alongside his family members to provide substantial backing for this fabulous center for the arts; I was happy to see Dick DeVos and wife Betsy had joined the drive to raise $125 million for the Kennedy Center to complete its work in creating a new river front pavilion. Dick and Betsy DeVos have provided around $1 million as the river pavilion fund has surpassed the initial estimates given by Kennedy Center officials by reaching over $130 million. To make sure the new range of educational buildings and rehearsal spaces are as impressive as possible, Kennedy Center officials have sought to extend the available fund by another $50 million as the plans for the river area have continued to develop.

After following the work of the Kennedy Center for the Arts for a number of years I became intrigued with the work of Dick DeVos and decided to look into his abilities and skills a little more. I discovered Dick DeVos is a member of a very wealthy and powerful family who have always been taught to use their good fortune to assist others by the DeVos patriarch, which is something Dick has always looked to do. After taking control of the AmWay Group from his father, Dick has looked to develop the philanthropy of members of the family by entering different areas of the political arena and different communities across the U.S. Following the development of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation the married couple have looked to back a number of causes that reflect their views, and spent a large amount of time exploring the many different options open to them in making sure every member of their local community in Grand Rapids, Michigan has as many opportunities as possible.