Ross Abelow Is Saving New York City’s Animals A Little At A Time

In New York City, Ross Abelow has started a fundraiser that would simple help the animals. The city’s animals are benefited from it, and it began in 2016. He designed the fundraiser to make enough money to give shelters the ability to give the animals blankets, medical and food. He wants to raise $5,000.

The Winters Are Hard On The Animals

The winter temperatures are very difficult for the city’s animals to withstand. It not only has to do with the low temperatures, but also with the weather conditions, like ice and snow. Since he cares about the animals very much, he wants to make sure that they don’t become sick and die, especially during the hard, winter months.

Who Is Ross Abelow?

Ross Abelow is a lawyer in New York City. His practice deals with family law. Other specialties include commercial litigation and entertainment law. Right now, he is a partner at Abelow & Cassandro, Llp.

What Is Ross Abelow’s Educational Background?

He received an undergraduate degree from the State University of NY. After that, he acquired a law degree. This was from the Brooklyn Law School. It was in the year 1989, and he has been practicing law ever since then.

What Does Ross Abelow Do During His Spare Time?

He likes to write articles for the Crown Point New York. These are about legal issues, and they are meant to help the public. He also has a personal blog that he also writes on often. This deals with both financial and legal problems that can affect many people. He gives them ideas on how to go about handling the different issues that they might encounter.

The fundraiser is based on a GoFundMe page that people can go to in order to donate money for the city’s animals. The cause is a good one, and the people love to help the animals so they can stay safe and warm.

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Michigan Entrepreneur Branches Into Liquor Business

Dick DeVos is a self made businessman as well as an entrepreneur. Dick DeVos is a member of the prominent family in Michigan which is the founder of Amway Corporation. With a background in business, Mr. DeVos worked and thrived at his family’s company. Only ten years after he started his job at Amway, he received a promotion to become one of the company’s vice presidents. With this role, he was in charge of international sales and was able to grow the company’s profits even further (Source: MLive). In addition to Mr. DeVos’ success as a businessman, he is a philanthropist who has donated millions of dollars to the community where he lives.

Dick is also known for his political views and generous donations, even getting some coverage by way of allusion in the popular show, House of Cards. You can read more about his thoughts on the episode here:

Recently in news, Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy, have had an interest in becoming involved with the liquor industry. One distillery in particular that had caught their eye is the Coppercraft Distillery which was opened in 2013 by owner, Walter Catton III. Dick DeVos has invested in this distillery for the purpose of helping the company expand even further.

With the new investments made, Mr. Catton has been able to expand his business into a 9,000 sq-foot facility. This facility is now complete with both a kitchen as well as a tasting room that can seat over 50 people. The kitchen will be used to cook up delicious appetizers for the purpose of pairing them with the provided cocktails.

Currently Coppercraft distributes to over 100 different locations which include locations in Colorado, Illinois, as well as in Michigan. Currently the coming is collecting inventory for the upcoming Tulip Time Festival which is a large event in the Lakeshore area. Coppercraft has the ability to provide its product for a number of different events such as a fundraiser or even a simple party.

Now that DeVos has expanded the business, both individuals are looking forward to welcoming both part-time and full-time workers who share the love in crafting the perfect product. In recent news, the distillery has expanded to include handcrafted wine and beer in order to expand the clientele. Mr. DeVos and Walter Catton are thrilled to do business together are are excited to soon expand the growing business even further alongside his wife Betsy. 

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Ricardo Guimarães and His Thoughts on LinkedIn


With so many people using social media, it is no wonder that young professionals are also using certain social media sites to get their names out there and noticed. One site in particular is known as LinkedIn and it has been a wonderful source of opportunity for those who are looking to get recognized when they can. This site has been a great way to get resumes out there and for employers to find new workers who fit their needs wonderfully.

One of the most influential business people out there is known as Ricardo Guimarães and he is the owner and operator of the BMG banking firm. BMG is one of the largest banks in Brazil and has millions of people using their services all the time. Ricardo Guimarães has recently talked about the benefits of using LinkedIn and why many people who are trying to find the perfect job should be making profiles themselves on this popular site. Ricardo Guimarães has told young professionals that LinkedIn is one of the greatest sites that they can possibly use if they want to land the job of their dreams and that can truly help them to advance in their career.

One of the great benefits of taking advice from Ricardo Guimarães is that he has a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to owning a business. As stated before, he is the owner of BMG in Brazil and he has many years of experience in the banking field. He has worked his way from the bottom to the top to be one of Brazil’s most successful business people. Because of this, it has been a wonderful opportunity for him to find great help for his firm by using sites like LinkedIn as well. This is why he is continually telling people that they need to make profiles on this site themselves and start putting in their resumes so that they can get noticed when they most need it.

Whether you are using LinkedIn or some other type of social media site for your business needs, it is all about getting your name out there and finding the employers who are right for you. There are many people right now using LinkedIn for their own benefit, so this is definitely something to think about using for yourself if you are tired of always trying to figure out how and why you should be looking in local ads just to be able to find the right job.