Fresh Pet Rides The Healthy Lifestyle Wave

Fresh Pet is a new pet food company that is cashing in on the healthy lifestyle trend that has moved from people to those people’s pets. When you think about healthy lifestyles the first thing that crosses most people’s minds is eating more fruits and veggies. The other thing is eating real food. Score one for Freshpet because this is exactly what they are doing, matching the trend in people food with their pets. How does that translate? Quite well actually, part of the novelty of Freshpet is seen when you are travelling with the CEO or the manufacturing chief Michael Heiger and you listen to how obsessed both men are about their company’s pet food and how fresh and tasty it is, This becomes very apparent when on the tour of their manufacturing facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania CEO Tompson offers visitors a slice of his company’s Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe fresh off the manufacturing line. This is clearly nothing that anyone has ever seen before and appears to be the direct result of a lifestyle trend with the general population that is now moving into the are area of household pets. And when we talk about pets what we really mean are those animals that people usually keep in the home. These household pets are looked on as part of the family, pets that you would want to do something special for. They are part of the family.

Beneful is definitely benefitting from this trend as sales of its innovative pet foods have clearly shown. It is also becoming more obvious that many pet owners are willing to spend more and more on this specialty pet food. One of the things that sets Beneful apart from its competition is the use of refrigerated stocking containers for its food. These containers serve two purposes.  As of 2016 Fresh pet has found its way to over 13,000 target Stores Wal-marts and Kroger food stores nationwide in America. In addition, Beneful is inundated with unsolicited testimonials from pet owners that state very positive claims such as “Since using Freshpet, I’ve seen a change in my pet’s overall health.” and, “…it’s the only food my dog with cancer will eat.” Although some people might think this is taking it over the top it really isn’t when you understand that Hippocrates the Greek Physician who is called the father of Medicine stated over 2000 years ago for people to let their food be their medicine and to let their medicine be their food.


Coriant America Headed for Substantial Growth in 2016

Coriant America is the new and rebranded name that houses the last of the Sycamore Network’s Intelligent Bandwidth management business. That technology alone accounted for the $18.75 million paid by Marlin Equity Partners in order to be able to combine that technology with the existing Coriant Company it owns. The combined Coriant America is operating out of Sycamore Network’s old headquarters location in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Coriant America is a Tier 1 service provider of OTN switching, 100G+ optical transport, and software service control and management solutions. Already they have been able to add such products as intelligent control plane software, optical mesh technology and multi-switching solutions. The growth is just the beginning for the new conglomerate; Coriant American has also made other professional acquisitions.

Coriant is now being lead by the well know and 28 year CEO veteran Shaygan Kheradpir. Kheradpir is taking the reins from now vice chairman of Marlin Equity Partners, Pat DiPietro, who served as Coriant’s last chief executive officer. The two have been working together closely at the venture capital firm Marlin Equity Partners prior to Kheradpir’s appointment. Marlin Equity Partners is credited with helping to build the strong foundation Coriant sits upon, and has helped other well-known providers in the industry such as Nokia, and part of the Sycamore Network, as well as Tellabs. Coriant is no longer a subsidiary of Nokia, as of 2013, and has since purchased Tellabs.

Kheradpir has near thirty years of experience running corporations in the fields of financial services, telecom, and technology, so he is right at home at Coriant America. Coriant America is expected to reach a new plateau of growth in the coming year and is already a great achiever in the field of technology services. Industry experts expect that Kheradpir will focus on Coriant America’s optical planning and transport systems as the basis for the growth.

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Beneful Produces High Quality Premium Dog Food

A recent increase has surged into a billion dollar market for premium dog food. When we say premium dog food, we are talking about the freshest ingredients only with organic qualities and wholesome ingredients. That is what has consumed the market for premium dog food. Many manufacturers take a special kind of pride when it comes to the delicacy of crafting dog food that is especially healthy. The world has taken a trend in producing and supplying our family members with healthy snacks and wholesome foods, and more pet owners are starting to do the same for their furry family members. They notice when they eat healthier they act different and feel different. The billion dollar market has soared the premium dog food sales and more consumers are spending the cash to ensure that their pets are well fed with natural ingredients that are easy to digest and overall healthy.

One kind of dog food that has been making the news with their quality, premium dog food ingredients is Purinastore Beneful. They provide a line that is suitable for your pet and offer a variety of flavors and options when it comes to providing exactly what your pet needs. Beneful understand that just like people, we are all different, and some dogs need extra care in a specific category. Their brand explores that idea and offers exactly what your dog needs. Not only do they provide wholesome quality ingredients that you can see, but they take pride in each kibble that is created, ensuring that it passes the rigorous testing process ensuring customer and pet satisfaction. Beneful have been in the dog food industry for many years, and continue to support the need for our dogs to fall back on the ways of the wolves, which is their ancestor.

Beneful creates a multitude of varieties filled with fresh ingredients from farmers and ranchers located down the road. They take pride in offering great products at a reasonable price.


Skout Recommends Kindness To Strangers

I’m pretty good at meeting girls in real life. I have never had a problem finding a date, and my friends are always impressed that I have a girl on my arm all the time. When I started using an online dating website, I started using it to make friends. I had a few romantic relationships come from it, but that wasn’t my plan. I knew that it was good for that already because my friends were always talking about it. I wanted to make some good friends around the country with the online app I had found.

I found this app called Skout that was supposed to be great for travelers to find new people in the cities that they go to. I found it helpful when I was traveling in the Pacific North West of the United States. I go on these business trips. They’re very boring if you don’t have friends to spend your time with. Sometimes I will get lucky because I will already know someone in the city where I am visiting. However, most of the time I don’t know anyone until I get there. I get tired of going to bars to meet people. Skout makes it easy to make a few friends online to show me around the city. I have made a few really great connections thanks to Skout.

They also have a nice way of reminding others about important issues. For instance, Skout reminded me about Random Act of Kindness Week. Actually, I had never even heard about it until Skout sent the survey to me. I was taking a few classes in college at the time, so I fit into their demographic. They were only surveying college students at the time. They surveyed about 2,700 college students about their views on kindness. I knew that the survey results would be interesting, but I didn’t know if I could find them easily.

I found them on Uloop’s website. The website published Skout’s survey results as statistics, but they did something even better. They actually shared the top random acts of kindness that survey participants chose. I recommend the article if you like being kind to others.