The Successful Business of Skout

The Skout app is a global platform that specializes in offering new ways to the public that help the public expand their overall social circle. Though seeming similar to Facebook, Skout is a unique and irreplaceable app that works hard to ensure that everyone will find someone on this app that they will enjoy hanging out with. Currently the creators at Skout are proud to say that their company is offered in over 180 countries and that the app itself comes in 16 different languages. Not only does this app guarantee that everyone will connect with someone, but also that people can connect in a safe manner to someone that they will truly want to meet.

Skout is an app that is globally renowned for the company’s ability to create fun activities and to have excellent ice breakers. One recent fun activity that took place was Skout’s new chip survey that surveyed over 3,000 individuals of their chip preference. This conducted survey conducted of several questions that associated chip preference with TV show preference and even political preference. Overall the results showed that of the 3,000 individuals that took the survey, a total of 96 percent of these individuals actually like chips. In addition to this, it was also found that over 39 percent of chip lovers also like to watch Jimmy Fallon at night and that only 5 percent watched John Oliver or James Cordon.

Other fun questions of this survey included the fact that those who preferred a spicier chip tended to be more adventurous in the bedroom. In addition to this, it was found that it was more likely that those that liked less salt on their chips went to gym more often. These are examples of the many fun and inviting questions that were answered and asked within this survey. This survey was officially conducted for the purpose of celebrating national potato chip day which was a silly holiday invested by Skout to attract more users.

With being in business for only nine years, this company has grown at an exponential rate. With millions of users currently, this site is becoming one of the hottest apps to now user among young people.

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George Soros’ Open Society Foundations dodge attempted “infiltration”

On March 16, an attempt by conservative activist James O’Keefe III to place “undercover” agents into the network of progressive organizations coordinated by George Soros‘ Open Society Foundation backfired in a way more suited to a slapstick spy story than a sinister right-wing cabal of provocateurs.

After leaving a voicemail as “Victor Kesh”, a “Hungarian-American” claiming to be from an unnamed foundation dedicated to “fighting for, um, European values,” O’Keefe neglected to hang up his phone and spent the following seven minutes explaining his plan to his co-conspirators, recording the entire conversation onto the voicemail of OSF’s Dana Geraghty.

She passed along the message to Christopher Stone, president of Open Society Foundations, after listening to O’Keefe explain his plans to infiltrate the OSF network. They would use details from Geraghty’s LinkedIn profile to ingratiate themselves– but it didn’t occur to anyone to visit her page anonymously.

A potential spy was selected during the meeting, an English doctor with sophisticated technical skills; O’Keefe and his “Project Veritas” group are big fans of using hidden cameras, tiny microphones and fake names to sneak into the offices of elected officials and public aid facilities, in the hopes of catching something incriminating which can be used for propaganda purposes. Unfortunately, the high-tech devices were working against them this time, and an inability to hang up a phone, or open Dana Geraghty’s LinkedIn profile anonymously, combined to fizzle the plot.
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It’s no coincidence that the fictional “Victor Kesh” claimed to be “Hungarian-American;” Soros was himself born in Budapest, before fleeing to England ahead of the Nazi occupation. George Soros settled in the U.S. where he’s become well-known as the chair and founder of Soros Fund Management.

Operating in over 100 countries and dedicated to promoting “the values of open society, human rights, and transparency,” the OSF has been working to bring accountability and justice to nations and peoples around the world. George Soros is also a founder of the Democracy Alliance, a network of donors who contribute to an array of progressive causes and campaigns in the U.S., and as the 2016 speeds ever nearer, Democracy Alliance must have looked like an irresistible prize for Project Veritas.

Soros has faced vocal opposition outside of the U.S., as well; the OSF found itself on Russia’s “stop list” after Soros called for more pressure to be put on Russia’s unofficial annexation of the Ukraine. In fact, George Soros has been unpopular with pro-Apartheid South Africans, for granting scholarships to black South Africans, and he was probably reviled by Eastern Bloc censors, for providing copy machines to distribute banned texts and non-government sanctioned news. If you judge a person’s success by who their enemies are, Soros is triumphant. And it doesn’t hurt when your enemies can’t figure out their phones.

WEN by Chaz Was Put to the Test

Cleansing Conditioner on Fine Hair

There are so many commercials on QVC that show off beautiful women with their long and lush hair flowing in the breeze. These are women who claim that anyone of us can have a full head of healthy hair even if we have fine hair. They will claim that the right conditioner and shampoo will actually provide many grand hair benefits. Those who have fine hair can enjoy a full, healthy, and shiny head of hair too. A die-hard hair care fanatic has put the claims to the test. This test has been put to Wen hair Cleansing Conditioner. Can this cleansing conditioner really transform hair? Can this magic in a bottle turn thin hair into beautiful and luscious strands? WEN by Chaz Dean has indeed been put to the test. This story has originally been reported by Bustle

The All-in-one Shampoo
WEN hair cleansing conditioners are considered to be all-in-one products. This includes:
* shampoo
* conditioner
* styling treatment
This is a brand that will be glad to brag. They boast about how well their products will work on every hair type while leaving hair healthy and full. There are a variety of formulas available to choose from. The different versions offer different benefits for different hair types. These benefits include:
* healthy moisture included
* added bounce
* extra shine

The Results of the Test
The conclusion for this all-in-one shampoo has been determined. This product does work for fine hair. This is a brand that does provide grand results. If you are interested in extra shine and bounce then WEN by Chaz will be worth your while to try it for yourself. Visit, the official product website.

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Need Reputation Repair?

Status Labs is an online reputation management firm. Recently this Austin Texas-based company suffered its reputation pitfall. Actions of a former executive created negative media attention and threatened to damage the reputation of Status Labs. Status Labs was formed in 2012 to help businesses and individuals improve their online reputation is improving profit and business options. This digital PR niche has become increasingly popular over the years because companies have been increasingly reliant on the internet. Media Outlets post damaging information regarding businesses and people regularly and having those search results at the top of the first page can be incredibly damaging.


Status Labs was able to overcome the negative press ultimately. The incident helps to create insight on how to handle other situations and their line of work. They have come to learn that if they make employees a priority that it can ultimately improve business and relationships with not only employees but potential businesses to better treat their employees they began to give stock option plans. Another unusual technique was to allow their well-behaved pets to come to the office to avoid having to waste their lunch hour rushing home to feed their pets.

Darius Fisher is the co-founder and president of status labs. Status Labs has serviced over 1,500 clients in 35 countries. These clients include major companies politicians and just about any type of public figure. Before status Labs, Fisher worked as a political consultant. Darius Fisher graduated with honors from Vanderbilt University.


Darius Fisher has spent the last several years helping people to minimize the impacts of the media. When negative news breaks, it can be incredibly damaging to a business or even to an individual. Darius Fisher has helped many people overcome these obstacles. Darius Fisher is a Pioneer in an ever-growing industry. Follow him on Twitter @fisherdarius.

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