Desiree Perez; The Hidden Gem

Many people see celebrities as being very successful members of society. What most people do not see, is the hard working people behind the scenes that work tirelessly to keep that celebrity successful. One prime example of hard working people who do not get enough credit would be Business Executive, Desiree Perez of ROC Nation.

Desiree Perez is the business partner, and close confidant of well known rapper turned businessman Shawn Carter better known as Jay Z Your text to link…. She is accredited with being one of the best negotiators and business strategist for high end clients around. One of her greatest accomplishments is getting Jay Z’s business ROC Nation off of the ground and now bringing in over 10 million a year Your text to link…. Much of this phenomenal success is due to Desiree Perez’s outstanding planning and negotiating skills. She negotiated some of the highest paying contracts for the business one of which being the online streaming service called Tidal. Desiree has also been accredited with the high profit business deal with Live Nation worth $150 million dollars. She is also a friend and influential business partner to celebrity singer/songwriter, Rihanna. She managed to land the young star a twenty five million dollar marketing deal with Samsung Your text to link….

With her quick and confident business decisions as well as her immense intelligence, she is the prime example of what a good business partner looks like. The confidence she exudes when making high profit business negotiations is exceptional and she never fails to follow through with her promises. Desiree Perez is most certainly the hidden gem behind Jay Z’s up and coming company, ROC Nation.

Nathaniel Ru Main Success of Sweetgreen

Hospitality business requires great innovation for business to thrive in the sensitive industry. The business should always provide quality and healthy foodstuff for it to excel in the market. Given the different preferences of various consumers, one should be creative in deciding what is best for the clients. One should also note the targeted market for the food.

Nathaniel Ru has learned the art of designing a successful business in the delicate industry and thriving in his Sweetgreen chain of restaurants. He has creatively selected the targeted market in the Washington DC and has thrived in providing students within the city with healthy fast foods.

Nathaniel Ru creatively targeted the students in various locations of the city. It is evident that his passionate business idea saw a market opportunity that was not fully exploited in the right way to ensure health fast foods for the students.

He strategically located the restaurant joints near the campuses in the city thus enabling the student to access the ever busy restaurants. He ensured that through innovation only healthy green foods were provided. Thus, no junk foods were to be sold. This notion promoted the consumer confidence in the fast foods as their health was put as a priority by the business founders.

Nathaniel Ru wanted to explore the market in a way that no other business person would explore. His passion about the fast food restaurant was a great idea back when he was in school as a student. It was a fast food for the people who wanted to have a healthy diet in an easy way. Read more: Nathaniel Ru Blazes a Trail in The Height Food Industry | Affiliate Dork

Since the students were always offered junk foods in the fast food restaurants, he wanted to bring innovation and provide a solution to the students who did mind about their diet and frequently skipped lunch due to lack of quality and healthy fast food.The idea grew to be a success due to creativity and passion of Nathaniel Ru as the founder of the Sweetgreen business.

Currently, the several restaurants in the city of Washington have greatly improved in the sales and volumes of customers. It is a success that Nathaniel Ru will always enjoy as the co-founder of the business.

As the business continues to storm the city, it is important to note that Nathaniel Ru excelled due to his quality market assessment, identification of the opportunity and innovatively starting the great Sweetgreen chain of restaurants.