About Dr. Clay Siegall the CEO, Seattle Genetics

Dr. Clay Siegall earned a B.S. in zoology from The University of Maryland and a Ph.D. from George Washington University in the field of genetics. Siegall is the CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics that focuses on coming up with therapy drugs that can help patients with diseases that haven’t experienced mortality improvements for several years.

Dr. Siegall founded the Seattle Genetics in 1998, and since then he has been at the forefront in assisting the firm to make major achievements such as the approval of its first antibody drug conjugate by the FDA and over 20 other drugs in its pipeline. Siegall has also led the firm into signing various strategic partnership with other drug manufacturers such as Bayer, Genentech, and Pfizer.

He has led other researchers in pioneering several studies related to the treatment of cancer. He believes that with the advancements in technology, Seattle Genetics can come up with better cancer treatment solutions that will outshine the use of the traditional and supplanted chemotherapies. Siegall’s passion for finding better solutions for the treatment of cancer was inspired by an incident where a family member almost died from severe anemia that was caused by the brutal regimen of chemotherapy. That is when he started brainstorming about other better ways such as surgery and amputation-related treatment to help cancer survivors. Seattle Genetics has several drug portfolio in its pipeline that has been initiated by Dr. Siegall.

Dr. Clay Siegall is a workaholic who keeps negotiating with other partners and investors in keeping the firm’s income steady. Since the company’s IPO, which enabled them to make major capital gains, the firm suffered a financial blow in 2000 that compelled Siegall to work closely with other researchers and stakeholders in rejuvenating the dwindling performance of Seattle Genetics. Even after failing to make money from his patents that had a gross of $80 million, Dr. Siegall has made major improvements in the financial department of the firm to enable it to have a steady income. Currently, Seattle Genetics makes money from selling its licensing technologies, proprietary drugs, and production partnerships.