Are You looking For A Side Job? Try The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales company operating in the wine industry. This is because it is very hard to tell how good wine is if you have never tasted it. The service allows people to develop. The company has various consultants all over the country. They host tasting events on behalf of the enterprise. They work as marketers of different types of wine that are supplied by Traveling Vineyard.

These Wine Guides prepare for an event with the help of the hosts and then conduct the wine-tasting process. The Wine Guides are trained on the best wines, their qualities, and what to look out for when choosing wine. The Wine Guide keys in the order information on a platform that Traveling Vineyard provides after an event. These consultants host more than a hundred thousand home tasting events all over the country each year.

There are benefits when one signs up to become a Wine Guide. It is a job that can be done by stay-at-home parents who have a lot of free time. It can be considered a side-hustle because it is not very demanding. One does not need to be a wine expert for him or her to become a Wine Guide.

The work is flexible because it is the individual that decides when they want to host events. There is a huge community of Wine Guides who are ready to help you to grow. They also help when you encounter any obstacles. The starter kit is very cheap. It is very easy for one to host their first event.

The company is very active on social media platforms such as Facebook. The company regularly posts on the platform and constantly engages with its members. They use the platform to post relevant information and recognize its members. Traveling Vineyard also posts funny photos to entertain its followers.