George Soros Feels The Need To Fight For The Future Of The U.S.

For George Soros, the building of a personal fortune totaling over $25 billion, according to Forbes, is the chance to use the money for the good of the world around him. Soros has not been the kind of Wall Street expert to simply sit back and enjoy his success, instead, he has set out to make sure the citizens of the world have the chance to live their lives in a free and democratic way; Soros has set out to have an impact on the world through his Open Society Foundations and the sporadic political donations he has completed over the course of the 21st-century. Political donations have always played a major role in the life of George Soros, but he has also backed the work of End Citizens United, a PAC dedicated to eliminating the political influence of major financial donors to either party on the U.S. political spectrum.

Although he has pledged to support the work of End Citizens United and feels the power he himself has wielded as a financial donor to the Democrats is odious, George Soros has set out to help as many Democrats as possible make their way to Washington and take up local political positions. The work of George Soros as a political donor has taken on an even greater level of significance over the course of the 21st-century as the decisions of the Hungarian-born Holocaust survivor have reflected the mood of many of his fellow liberals in the U.S. Politico reports George Soros has expressed his unhappiness with his own decision not to back the candidacy of former First Lady Hillary Clinton in 2008 when the founder of Soros Fund Management decided to back President Barrack Obama for The White House; Soros would later explain his unhappiness with President Obama was based on his belief the liberal agenda promised by the President had not been completed.

The popular view of George Soros is a man intent on pushing forward his own political agenda, but the truth is Soros has largely sat out a number of elections in the 21st-century as he did not share a political philosophy with the candidates. In 2004, George Soros made the decision to fight the power of the right-wing in the Administration of President George W. Bush. Soros provided around $27 million in backing to Senator John Kerry in 2004; among the reasons for the large donation to Kerry was a fear the right-wing agenda of the Bush Administration would threaten global trade and security. In 2016, a similar threat appeared in the shape of President Donald Trump, who the man widely regarded as breaking the Bank of England in 1992 accused of doing the work of ISIS during the 2016 election cycle.

Whitney Wolfe Is Passionate About Her Business Endeavors

Whitney Wolfe is a very motivated businesswoman and entrepreneur. She began her first company at age 19 years old and sold bamboo tote bags to benefit those affected by Deepwater Horizon in 2010.

Ms. Wolfe is also the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the dating app Bumble. The app launched in 2014 and more than five million conversations were initiated within the first eight months of operation. After three years, the app registered 10 billion swipes and 800 million matches each month. Women make up more than half its user base and the average time spent sending messages and viewing profiles is one hour per day.

Wolfe’s latest venture is Bumble BFF. The purpose of the new app, which is a subset of the original app, helps women connect with one another and become friends. Many of the Bumble users are also using the new BFF feature. The apps give users the ability to connect with others in a safe manner. The method gives users the ability to find out about potential partners before meeting them in person.

The Bumble BFF app gives women the ability to find companionship and support, as well as friendship. This gives women the opportunity to find friends when moving to a new city or even just changing jobs. The many features built into the apps allow users to hide their profile or search for others by geographic location. Both apps have made meeting new people fun and safe.

Ms. Wolfe, a native of Salt Lake City Utah, attended Southern Methodist University and majored in International Studies. After graduating college, Wolfe went to Southeast Asia and worked with orphans. Whitney Wolfe later joined Hatch Labs and worked with the business start-up Cardify, which was eventually abandoned. Wolfe went on to be one of the co-founders of the dating app Tinder. She left Tinder and went on to establish Bumble.

The dating app gives women the upper hand and more control over who they meet. Wolfe was named as one of the Most Important Women Under 30 in Tech in 2014 by Business Insider. In 2016, Wolfe was named as one of the Women in Tech by Elle magazine.


Mike Baur is a career banker, businessman, investor and one of the three people who started The Swiss Startup Factory.


Mike Baur’s Banking Career


From an early age, Mike Baur was very passionate about banking and finance. Consequently, it wasn’t surprising that he decided to venture in the banking world when he completed his education.


The Swiss man has worked in various prominent institutions such as Clariden Leu and UBS where he did his commercial apprentice. He was able to work up the ladder at a private Swiss Bank and he eventually became one of the executive board members of the institution. Baur spent almost 20 years of his life in the banking world before he decided to quit and venture into the entrepreneurship world.


Mike Baur and The Swiss Startup Factory


In 2014, Mike Baur quit his banking career to concentrate on investing in startup companies. He eventually co-founded The Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF) together with his associates Oliver Walzer and Max Meister.The company was founded to create global entities that defy normal business expectations of producing only set products and services.


The Swiss Startup Factory admits young startup companies for training which takes three months. This takes them through vital courses such as coaching, mentoring, financing and services. In addition to this, they also provide them with an eye-opening chance to network with enterprising and like-minded individuals who will pave the way for them in the business world and office space.


Last year in January, The Swiss Startup Factory formed an alliance with CTI and Baur was named as CTI Invest Deputy Managing Director. He steered the Swiss Startup Factory through its accelerator program with Goldback Group last year as well. In February 2016, Mike Baur led Swiss Startup Factory in another partnership with Fintech Fusion.


Apart from his role at Swiss Startup Factory, Mike Baur also invests heavily in many other Swiss startups. He also mentors the youth in his country.


About Mike Baur


Mike Baur grew up in the Fribourg region in Switzerland.

The enterprising businessman has an Executive MBA from The University of Bern, and an MBA from The University of Rochester, New York.


The startup investor was a jury at START Summiteer. This is a startup pitching contest which is normally held at The University of St Gallen. Mike Baur loves spending time with young people, and he supports their business ideas financially and by mentoring them.




Tammy Mazzocco Reveals Her Secrets

Tammy Mazzocco is a successful real estate agent in Central Ohio who sells residential real estate in four counties. She did not start out with instant success, but she had lots of small successes along the way.


Tammy Mazzocco began her real estate career by answering an ad for a secretarial job with a commercial real estate company. Later she was hired as manager of a large condominium project, and she worked there for seven years. Her boss at the time encouraged her to get her real estate license, which she did do. He wanted her to help him with some of his real estate projects. This happened in 1995.


Tammy Mazzocco had her eyes opened wide when she was the licensed assistant to a high volume broker and she had a chance to experience the office of a high income producer. It was then that she saw the potential for income. In 1999 Tammy went into the real estate business full-time.


There is a lot to learn in the real estate business, and Tammy not only learned it, but she excelled at it. She remembers that early in her startup phase, she was just a little shy. One of her associates suggested that she initiate the conversations, and then just let things flow naturally. Once Tammy saw how easy this was, her shyness vanished.


Tammy likes to tell people who ask how she motivates herself the following. “Don’t take yourself so seriously, live without fear of failure, and don’t settle.” Many people never get started on their dream because they fear that they will fail to achieve it. Tammy says that is not logical at all because if a person starts and stops along the way, at least they are farther along than they would have been.


Tammy believes that all motivation is self-motivation and her track record backs that up in spades.

Businessman Todd Lubar

A graduate with a B.A., and serves as the Sr. VP to Legendary Investments, Mr. Todd Lubar. Todd Lubar’s first job was with Crestar Mortgage Corporation until 1999. From there Mr. Lubar joined Legacy Financial until 2005. Mr. Lubar relocated to Arizona with Charter Funding as Senior Vice President.

Todd Lubar kept his position at Charter Funding until 2007. His primary focus mortgage banking, however he still owned companies in Demolition Industry and The Night Club Industry. Todd Lubar ranked in the top 25 mortgage originators. A wealthy businessman who helps others in need. Mr. Lubar knew he would be Real Estate agent for the rest of his career.

Todd Lubar helped grow the Maryland Legacy Financial group office to a production of serval 100 million dollars a year. Mr. Lubar learned hot to broker loans to external investors. With over 12 years experience in the banking mortgage industry. Todd Lubar made good relations with CPA’s financial planners and real estate agents.

Todd Lubar’s role helped in progressive purchasing rehabilitating, and selling. Mr. Lubar’s substantial relationship with various firms helped him learn a lot and is part of why he is so successful. Mr. Lubar is also the happy father of two children. A businessman who see’s the impact of good relations is part of why he to helps other when in need. Todd Lubar also likes to travel. Todd became involved in automotive scrap metal recycling which resulted to the company being traded in the public marketplace. President at TDL Global Ventures.

Sam Boraie, a Developer Who Loves His Community

Sam Boraie is someone who is known in the world of real estate development. Many people in his community and the rest of the world also know him as a philanthropist who is always happy to see his people developing and living in right conditions. He is known in New Jersey and other surroundings for his outstanding performance and provision of unique services to individuals and other institution. Currently, he is the vice president of Boraie Development LLC, which is a company which was started by his father, Omar. While working with this company, his primary focus is to find projects for development. His father came to the United States as a student in college and through his hard work and determination; he started a business becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Accomplishment of different Projects


Boraie Development is a company that has seen many achievements since it begun. It has finished projects such as the Aspire which is a 238-unit mansion located near New Brunswick Train Station and One Spring Street. It is a twenty-five story building and has enough space for rental, business, and parking. The locals will benefit from this project because it is well-planned courtesy of Boraie Development.

There is also another project which is the Beach at South Inlet in Atlantic City. It is near Boardwalk and the Atlantic Ocean and has over 250 residential units. The company also developed another project at Newark called Albany St. Plaza. The project has 20,000 square feet space for retail and 250,000 square feet space used for space. The company has also developed another building in Newark which has twenty-six stories and has units for residential. It is also developing another project at Waverly place. It is expected to be a good home for residents.


Charitable undertakings


It is notable that Boraie is not only involved in the business but also in philanthropic efforts. He participates in civic activities. He is an Advisory Board member of Elijah’s Promise, a non-profitable organization at New Brunswick which feeds the hungry and ensures that they are living just like the other residents. The organization serves the needy by giving meals, and its aim is to eradicate hunger and poverty by the provision of fresh food. The organization also offers other activities such as culinary arts and baking so that people can have skills to look for jobs in places such as restaurants and bakeries.


Boraie is also on another Board of Trustees of the State Theatre New Jersey in New Brunswick. The organization is the second largest in the State regarding the non-profitable organization. The theater was opened officially on December 26, 1921, and over the years it has hosted vaudeville performances and film screening.


At the moment, the theater is helping performers of dances and music as well as family shows and Broadway shows. Teachers and students are finding it helpful because they can attend special performances. Boraie Development will be useful for the 2017 summer because it will sponsor free film screening for children. It will be during weekday mornings and evenings at the theater.


Davos Real Estate Group Launches a New Real Estate Application

Davos Real Estate Group announced the launch of “Davos CAP Calculator,” a mobile app aimed at estimating the return on real estate investments in which a client has an interest – MIAMI, June 22, 2016, /PRNewswire/. The new mobile app was presented to the customers by David Osio and the company’s executive directors Pablo Bausili and Gerard González.


Davos Real Estate Group, one of the companies that form Davos Financial Group is a leader in providing expert asset management and financial support to corporations, homeowners, and investors for their business and personal property requirements. They do this through research and application of latest technology.


Their business objective aims at coming up with an investment strategy that fulfills the needs of their customers. For the last six months, Gerard González, an executive director of the company has been working closely with Tecknolution on the design and development of the amazing and useful tool. Davos CAP Calculator has been developed on the current technology platforms and can be installed on different Android devices and iPhone.


Davos CAP Calculator marks the start of a line of similar apps that the company plans to develop. Among them include an app that allows corporations, homeowners, and investors to identify properties through their mobile devices then forward the information to their agents at Davos REG via an interactive chat.


On the origin of Davos CAP Calculator, David Osio says that they saw the need to formulate an app that would enable them to guide their clients efficiently on matters relating to real estate investments. Gerard González adds that the innovative tool would help investors make sound investments.


About David Osio: The Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group


David Osio is an accomplished individual in the financial services industry. Currently, he is the chief executive officer of Davos Financial Group. Because of his broad knowledge in financial services and business management, Osio plays a major role in Latin American market key sectors including finance, and banking.


Mr. David Osio graduated from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello where he specialized in finance and banking. He furthered his studies at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos (IESA). To broaden his knowledge in banking and investment advising, Osio studied equity portfolio management at the Institute of Finance, New York.


After his studies, he worked in several companies including MGO, Banco Latino International just to name a few. It was in 1993 that MR. Osio decided to start his own firm Davos Financial Group of companies. Since then, he has served as the company’s CEO. The company has expanded substantially and has formed independent and licensed companies in different prime cities including Miami, Panama, New York and Geneva.

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China demuestra inconformidad con medidas económicas de Maduro




Vijay Eswaran’s Path To QI Group Took Some Time

Sometimes successful individuals have to go through longer roads to get where they are today, something that holds true for Vijay Eswaran, the co-founder of billion-dollar enterprise QI Group Ltd. Eswaran was not always sitting in a nice, comfortable office in luxurious accommodations. At one time he was out getting his hands dirty at construction sites, picking grapes from the vines and even driving a cab just to get by. But he didn’t let that stop him from staying true to his goal of one day founding a company that could help others succeed, and giving back to his community through philanthropy. Vijay Eswaran has earned multiple honorable mentions and recognitions from Forbes Asia, the World Economic Forum, and India’s Pravasi Bharatiya Divas.

Eswaran is the son of a former Malaysian Ministry of Labor worker on and a school teacher. From a young boy into his early adult life, he was taught to work hard and be a good student at every opportunity that came along. He got his bachelor’s degree in economics before he spent time getting his hands dirty at the various odd jobs. Vijay Eswaran made it to grad school at Southern Illinois University where he got his MBA and was given the opportunity to work as a consultant for various IT companies.

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Eswaran started his own company, QI Group Ltd. in 1998 after getting his foot in the door of the multilevel marketing world on He began to build quite a portfolio at QI Group and helped many people go into business for themselves through direct selling. QI Group’s main direct selling outlet is QNet, a distributor of health and beauty products, household tools, jewelry and vacation packages. QI Group also sells luxurious products through QLifestyle and has a finance and real estate holdings company in QI Asset Management.

In addition to founding QI Group, Eswaran helped establish the company’s philanthropic wing at RYTHM Foundation at where he’s spearheaded efforts to give back to impoverished areas of Asia and the world, and help children with special needs. Eswaran has also spoken at various summits including the Global Indian Business Meet and World Economic Forum. He’s also author of a number of books including In The Sphere of Silence.

The Life and Career of Adam and Gila Milstein

Israel on Campus Coalition, Birthright Israel, StandWithUs as well as Jewish Funders Network and Israel-American Council, just to mention a few. These are the organizations that Adam Milstein can be retraced to. Some of the Jewish leaders that he has partnered with to make the life of the Jewish people better include philanthropists Haim Saba and Sheldon Adelson.

He worked with this two gentlemen to make the inaugural Campus Maccabees Summit a success. This was a summit that brought together about 50 Jewish organizations to discuss the future of the Jewish people in the United States and around the world.

For his contribution to these organizations and other good deeds, Adam Milstein was named as one of the most influential Jews of modern time by the readers of the Jerusalem post. In this post, he appeared as number 39 and was honored to be among other leaders such as the current Prime Minister of the State of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, US senator Charles, as well as Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson.

This list consisted of other prominent people like comedians, philanthropist, Supreme Court judges and other prominent individuals. To be named on this list, these gentlemen had changed the lives of fellow Jews for the better. Adam Milstein was named particularly for his involvement with the Israeli-American Council as well as the Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation. This is a foundation that he established together with his wife to help the Jewish people familiarize with their roots and culture. Adam Milstein attributes his success to his wife who has played a major role.

Adam and Gila live in California, and together they have three children. Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel and spent his childhood in Israel before relocating to the US in the year 1981. Adam has also fought in the war during his mandatory service with the Israeli defense forces from 1971-1974.

Adam Milstein holds a degree from the Technion College where he graduated in the year 1978. He majored in business and economics. After college, he ventured into the real estate and is currently a partner at the Hager Pacific Properties.

Mike Baur And The Ground Breaking Swiss Start-up Factory

Mike Baur is the Co-founder, Executive Chairman and Managing Partner at Swiss Startup Factory and Speaker on the Investor Panel at the WORLDWEBFORUM Next Generation Semester Closing. He is responsible for the fundraising and financing rounds at the Swiss Start-up Factory. He has spent 20 years working in the Swiss banking industry. Eventually Mike Baur’s entrepreneurial spirit made him decide to make the drastic decision to move out of the private banking career and took on the huge project of starting an incubator. Now Mike and others on the Swiss Start-up Factory team are helping grow new businesses.


The Swiss Start-up Factory is a Zurich-based independent accelerator that was launched in 2014 with a main focus of finding hard working digital entrepreneurs that have the desire to develop their own small business. Thare are enthusiastic about guiding and mentoring individuals that have the desire to become CEO’s in their own businesses and are consistently providing exciting opportunities from day one. The Swiss Start-up Factory provides entrepreneurs with many resources that will teach them how to grow their ideas into small businesses and from small businesses into ground-breaking corporations. What makes the Swiss Start-up Factory different from other incubators is that they are independent, leaving their start-up out of the politics of the system.


They offer an abundance of services available to individuals starting with their Pre-Accelerator Program, a three month-long start-up accelerator program that provides a unique platform of services. The services offered in this program include professionally taught pitch trainings to help entrepreneurs learn how to present themselves properly in front of potential investors, coaching, a market research team, marketing and accounting support, product development, and access to top international start-up ecosystems along with office space located in the hear of Zurich. Once a startup is matured they can receive support from the Growth Accelerator which assists with things such as financial consulting, branding support, market analysis, business development, exclusive fundraising events, access to legal and tax experts, and leadership and management. The Swiss Start-up Factory is dedicated to helping others find success in their ideas with the help of a robust network of national and international entrepreneurs, mentors, industry start-ups, and investors. Beyond the help listed already, the Swiss Start-up Factory even offers something called the Wenger & Vieli Accelerator which consists of free legal advice for start-ups every second Monday in 20 minute sessions.


The founders of this great incubator Mike Baur along with Max Meister, Oliver Walzer and the rest of their team have been truly dedicated to serving their clients, growing small businesses and expanding new ideas in a way that just hasn’t been done before. And they will continue to invest their time, money, and effort into good ideas to continue strengthening the Swiss ecosystem.