Fabletics: The Power of Fashion

Fashion is the hardest industry to thrive in; mainly because it’s dominated by countless powerhouses. That makes it increasingly difficult for anyone to build up a new company. Yet, that’s exactly what Kate Hudson accomplished when she co-founded Fabletics. To date, Fabletics is a $250 million business with 1.2 million members.

It’s easy to say that Hudson was so successful because she’s Golden Globe-winning actress, but it’s not that simple. Even though her fame certainly played a part, much of Fabletic’s success is due to Hudson’s e-commerce model. She wanted to create affordable athleisure outfits that inspire every woman, regardless of size, body shape, age, ability, or personal style.

Recently, Fabletics took another big step toward completing Hudson’s goal: expanding into plus sizes. Her problem with other brands wasn’t that they were creating products for plus-size women. It’s that other brands were charging up to $250 for a pair of yoga pants.

The motivation behind Hudson’s strategy is getting people to a healthier place. She doesn’t really believe in trying to make people healthy overnight. She wants to start with the clothes they wear. If a woman feels good about herself, she’s more likely to take that first step toward working out on a regular basis.

Hudson’s work doesn’t stop at identifying the company’s target market. She’s very hands-on with nearly every decision the company makes. She even spends time looking over sales numbers on a regular basis. She believes that business doesn’t mean being creative. Last year, she shot her own commercial with her phone, as a way of displaying her commitment to the brand and being creative.

The more corporate side of Fabletics is their consistent use of data. Every Fabletics member begins their membership by taking a short quiz, which provides Fabletics with invaluable information they use to determine price and product inventory. Fabletics even offers a free quiz for non-members to see what products they might like.

For most companies, there’s always a fear of the non-sponsored reviewers might say about their products. To Fabletics, these reviewers offer invaluable information. One of the most recognized reviewers has been getting a lot of attention for her full review of the brand. What’s most shocking is her surprise at the quality of Fabletics.

Chris Burch of Burch Creative Capital Promotes Integration of Fashion and Technology

The integration of fashion and technology has become increasingly evident over the recent years. As technological advancements are continuously made, the fashion industry helps to make these products more appealing and stylish to consumers. For example, the boombox was a revolutionary new way to enjoy music on the go. This technology improved and was made more fashionable with the invention of the Walkman and eventually the iPod. Additionally, the integration of technology into fashion is helping to create products that aren’t only stylish but functional and practical as well. An Airbag for Cyclists has been designed that is more appealing than traditional bike helmets and allow for greater visibility as well. It fits nicely around the cyclist’s neck and remains practically functional.

Chris Burch is a serial entrepreneur and business owner who has seen this interplay of technology and fashion unfold over his years in the industry. Burch was born into a middle class family in Wayne, Pennsylvania. He attended Ithaca College and began his first businesses venture while still in school. Burch and his brother invested $2,000 in Eagle’s Eye apparel and began selling sweatshirts door-to-door. The company quickly expanded to other campuses and found its way into many retail stores. Chris Burch eventually sold the company to the Swire Group for $60 million in 1998.

After establishing new brands and investments, Burch started Burch Creative Capital to help manage all of his business ventures. This company was later renamed to Burch Creative Capital as it is known by today. Burch currently resides as the CEO of the company that continues to make venture investments in a variety of consumer and lifestyle brands. Some of Burch Creative Capital’s most prominent investments and partnerships include ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Cocoon9, TRADEMARK and the Tony Burch fashion label.

With headquarters in New York City, Burch Creative Capital seeks to provide an environment and relationship through which small businesses can grow and flourish. More than offering just investments, Burch works directly with his clients offering advice and expertise he has gained from decades of investment and marketing experience. He is especially knowledgeable in the fields of direct to consumer channels and sourcing infrastructure. Burch also makes investments in the realm of philanthropy and research. He has worked directly with Mt. Sinai Hospital, the Henry Street Settlement and the Sumba Foundation among several others. Chris Burch currently resides in Miami, FL.

More information for Chris Burch: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/choosing-investors-is-more-than-about-the-money_us_57ac7a4be4b091a07ef893ca?