The Changing Face Of Fast Food

Food is one of the more interesting aspects of life. People need food and yet not all types of food are good for them. One thing about this that is even more interesting is that the tastier foods tend to be not so good for them. However, it has eventually gotten to the point that it is hard to get a hold of some healthier food without spending a lot of money. Fast food joints have become known for all of their processed and fattening menus. However, a lot of fast food joints do offer the occasional healthy meal to accompany the fattening and processed menu. Fortunately, there are efforts being made to change this.


One example is Sweetgreen. This restaurant is a salad restaurant. However, it also offers other types of dishes to accompany the salad. These ingredients are organically sourced. Therefore, people are not eating contaminated products. They are instead eating items that are completely natural. To make things better, they are getting a wide range of nutrients so that they could lose weight more easily if they have to. The older diet has very little to no nutrients. All that people have been consuming is empty calories.


However, there is another issue that people are faced with that Sweetgreen addresses. This issue is protein. People that try to eat healthy often consume less protein. As a result, they find themselves actually declining in health. However, Sweetgreen manages to put in some foods that are high in protein so that people will be able to improve their health completely. Sweetgreen makes sure that every nutrient is available for the customer.


Sweetgreen is the idea of Nathaniel Ru. Nathaniel is someone who is very passionate about health. He did not like that there was very little when it comes to options about healthy foods. Therefore, he has decided that he wanted to change that. He has teamed up with his friends to start a business that actually makes things healthier. As a result, he has founded Sweetgreen. Nathaniel’s restaurant has turned out to be a really successful restaurant in the industry.


Sweetgreen Has Emerged As “Thought Leader” In the Food Industry across America

Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, and Nicolas Jammet went to Georgetown University together, and eight years later, they control one of the best startups in America. They started Sweetgreen with a single shop in 2007 in Georgetown. Today, they run 31 stores nationwide, and they are set to grow to 40 by the end of the year. Moreover, they have unlocked capital funding that totals to $95 million.


The idea of Sweetgreen came after the three students went out to look for delicious meal off-campus. They realized salad options were not healthy, or even nutritious. Further, so many brands were disconnected from their farms. Their desire for better food options informed Sweetgreen.


Their pitch has not changed, but they have added to it. Sweetgreen is not just selling lettuce leaf; they are trading a set of solid values that revolve around doing everything right. Sustainability is reflected in every area of business operation including the way they serve food and the way they treat people in the farms and community. Sweetgreen is about doing everything right. That explain why their employee structure is almost paternal. They refer to their workers as team members and coaches. That is why they ensure employees growth regardless of position held.


Some people argue that salad is all about the packaging. Sweetgreen agrees that dressing is a significant component, and it is essential. However, Sweetgreen bet on the taste of the lettuce they bring in. Just by tasting for flavor alone, you will understand that a combination can make a salad a meal. Sweet green is consistently playing with combinations. They insist that they are not just selling lettuce; they are selling a brand, vision, and a lifestyle. In effect, Sweetgreen has emerged as “thought leader” in the food industry through its transparency and supply chain.


You can purchase a superb meal for family or friends on a phone. It is quicker and very efficient. Nathaniel Ru, the CEO of the company, say that they want to feed more people with sustainable, healthy, and delicious food presented in a new way. According to Ru, technology has been part of their DNA. That explains Sweetgreen transactions that are made through its mobile app and its website.