Securus Technologies Helping Make Prisons Drug Free

Our prison has seen a recent spike in drug use with inmates, and that is turn has caused the incidents of violence in our facility to escalate too. The easiest way to reduce the violence between officers and inmates and inmates and others in the jail is to try and eliminate drugs from the equation. The reason this is easier said that done is because inmates will tell you that it is easier for them to score drugs in the prison than it is getting them on the streets.


To try and curb the flow of the drugs in our jail, what me and my fellow officers will do each day is to set up a search area in the visitor center and check every person that comes into the jail to see the inmates. Then we do the same after they meet but with inmates, this is to ensure nothing gets back to the cells. Even with these efforts, the inmates still find drugs with minimal effort. That is why we rely so heavily on Securus Technologies to help us identify weaker areas within our prison.


Securus Technologies is responsible for placing their call monitoring system throughout the jail that allows officers to listen to the inmates on the phone. Now we are alerted by the LBS software if an inmate is talking about drugs. We have heard conversations taking place on the phone where a visitor will tell an inmate how they will sneak the drugs through the visitor center. We have heard inmates giving detailed instructions how to mail certain drugs to the jail. My team even heard one inmate telling his cousin to hid the drugs in their lunch and offer it to the inmate when they meet. Each attempt is thwarted now by my team before it happens.


If you Plan to Run a Prison, Don’t Do It without Securus Technologies

According to a law enforcer that worked for a prison in the west of the U.S., the Securus Technologies allowed the team to find inmates who were smuggling drugs on their territory, something they were not even suspecting that was happening inside those bars. The monitoring of phone calls, a service that Securus Technologies provided to help maintain control of what happens between inmates and the external world, helped the team catch the responsible offenders and restore a clean experience for everyone in prison.

Another staff in jail said that the communication of Securus Technologies allowed them to find a corrupted co-worker who was helping the inmates further their crimes even inside the prison. The person was a close friend of everyone, and the agency wouldn’t have been able to find the responsible without the communication service with such an emphasis on security.

Securus Technologies has proved its worth through many positive feedbacks given in the last few years, and it is used nowadays by more than 2,500 agencies, prisons, correction departments and private enforcers who want a dedicated community system that allows them to monitor what inmates talk about while maintaining a top-notch telephone service for their comfort.

As the name suggests, the company, with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, has its focus primarily in maintaining a highly secure environment in prisons and dangerous territory. Because agencies are leading with people who possibly committed crimes, it is important that inmates have the freedom to communicate – but understand that the communication can be investigated if the need arises.

With a dedicated staff focused on helping solve security problems in prisons all around the United States and Canada, they have already found solutions for over 2,600 correctional facilities, and the number is still growing.

The CEO of the company is Richard “Rich” Smith, who has led the company to the place where it’s at. Now, every prison considers the communication services of Securus Technologies, because it is simply the best in the market.

Securus Receives Accreditation from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies is one of the most prominent companies serving the inmate industry in the United States. For more than two decades of professional experience, the company has offered technology solutions that were used to foster investigations and promote public safety. As a matter of fact, the company has announced its accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. Securus Technologies Company has received the highest rates of certification and ratings by the Dallas-based Better Business Bureau. When the company was being accredited, it worked to get a sustainability measure that can never be unparalleled in this industry. For this reason, they went on and founded this business in a manner that is unparalleled in the industry.


Because Securus Technologies Company always achieves what they want in a transparent manner, the A+ rating was the least they could get from this accreditation. As a matter of fact, they also adhere to what they say in the print and social media. Therefore, they received the accreditation to take care of the measurements achieved through sustainability and capability. As a matter of fact, no one cares about this accreditation. For those who want good business, this is the best thing that can happen to a business or company committed to achieving excellence at what they do in the United States.


Securus Technologies Company is one of the leaders in the provision of civil and criminal justice solutions in technology. For all those solutions they render to the societies and government, they always work to foster investigation, public safety, and the corrections department. V has also announced that they have been accredited with the highest ratings in the land. For this reason, they are free to conduct their business using the same standards of innovation and accreditation to make the world a better place. Securus Technologies Company is thrilled to become parts of the lives of many.



Talk To Your Loved Ones In A Correctional Facility Over A Secure Network

Securus Technologies is paving the way for secure inmate calling features around the globe. Their most recent four quarter audit caught a few inaccuracies with Global Tel-Link that were immediately corrected. They are committed to correcting inmate irregularities within a calling network to ensure secure access with each call. Securus Technologies is responsible for processing 53.4 billion calls annually. They have proudly served the community for 20+ years with access to wonderful calling features that save their customers time and money. Take the opportunity to become a member today with many advanced technological solutions from Securus Technologies.


Are you tired of wrestling with inmate calls that cost a fortune? Are you tired of endless dropped calls that never give you the allotted minutes on your contract? Securus Technologies now offers inmate calling features that will allow you to save more than ever before. They have teamed up with Vimeo to bring video chat features that give you complete control over the picture and the sound. They have also merged with JPay services to bring other features that are new to the inmate calling network. They eliminate the need to locate an authorized agent in a hard to find rural area.


Securus Technologies Features


Advanced Pay Options


You can pay for advanced inmate calling features and send pictures, get prepaid minutes, or put money on an inmates account. It’s as simple as registering for a an account over the phone or over the internet. You must be 18+ with a valid debit or credit card.


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail is an advanced technological feature that gives them a personalized account to access voicemail messages. When they get permission to use the phone they can retrieve their messages.


You’re invited to browse the Securus Technologies website for more details on their services and offers.


Video Visitation makes it Possible for Inmates to Attend Concerts

Seeing you kids have fun is one of the things that makes a parent feel good and happy. The people who are serving a jail term are unlucky because they don’t have a chance to see their kids, and also see them have fun. They are locked out of freedom, and they can’t get a chance even just to talk to them. Securus is a company that deals with offering telephone and video chats services to inmates. Provision of these services has put a smile on lots of people’s face. While still at the jail, inmates can communicate with their loved one. They can also get a chance to see them have fun, sing for them or share stories with them.


People in prison are now able to catch up with a concert live using the video visitation service. Parents serving jail terms can enjoy seeing their kids perform and even attend their birthdays virtually. Securus Video Visitation service has brought happiness to lives of many people as it has made it easy for people to reconnect with whom they love despite what situations they are in presently.


Securus Technologies offer video visitation service that parent or relatives can communicate with their loved ones while they are still in jail. For one to access the Securus Technology services, they have to own a computer or any internet-enabled device with a webcam. The company has partnered with telecommunication industry giants to ensure that they offer quality service to their clients.


The company said that it had hired more sales executives to develop a software-based sales team. The software will help to maintain and manage the extensive portfolio, which has over 800 products to be used in law enforcement and correlation sectors. Senior vice-president of marketing John Bell will lead the team. Bell is a graduate of Holy Cross University; he has also studied management Kellogg School of Management. Bell has worked with IBM, AT&T, NTT Verio and Time Warner Cable. His career has been a success, and this led to his appointment to lead the sales team in Securus Technologies Company.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas. The company has been a success having served over 3450 public safety, correlation agencies and 1,200,000 inmates in the United States. Other services that the company offers is an emergency response, public information, incident management, data management, inmate self-service and monitor of products and services among others.

Securus Video Visitation – Concert from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.