Rocketship Education, A Unique Learning Experience

Even Rocketship’s beginning is unique. With a dream for creating an education tailored to each students specific learning style, the first classrooms were held in a church basement in 2006 in the San Francisco Bay Area. The educational gap between one student and another does not exist in Rocketship charter schools. Instead, a student’s educational map lies within their reach. With a rotational learning method, a combination of traditional and block classrooms are offered. Both large and small peer groups, online learning and math, humanities, PE and the arts are offered.

Rocketship Education Employs 3 Core Beliefs

1.) Parents are an important part of each students education. They serve as leaders in their community as advocates, they are coached in helping their child excel in their studies, and they are appreciated.

2.) Teachers are highly trained to enrich each students education. They work one on one with students who need personalized attention in a particular area. Tutors work one on one also. Studies show Rocketship students graduate from high school a full year earlier than students who attend traditional schools.

3.) A blended education is an important aspect of the learning experience offering small group interaction and larger group instruction. Those who struggle in a particular area join small groups for a more personalized period of instruction. They also enjoy being involved in team learning in order to share their knowledge of a particular subject.

Students learn at their own pace in the Rocketship charter schools. No student is left behind. This is where tutoring comes in. Teachers are highly trained to offer personalized instruction so students become proficient in their weaker areas. Those areas no longer exist with the help of a tutor.

Learning labs are also used so that students become familiar with online learning. Computers are used as an important part of today’s growth in technology. The emphasis on art, physical education and the humanities is also a part of this unique blended education.