Norka Luque Went From A Club Singer To International Star Thanks To A Chance Meeting

Most people don’t realize the amount of hard work, dedication, and frustration that goes into making it big in the music business. For every one person that has a successful career in the music business, there are hundreds that never make it past the club circuit. Making it big as a singer takes a certain energy that’s hard to describe. We know it when we see and hear this energy, and that’s the case with Venezuelan Singer, Norka Luque. Luque is a special talent that comes along every 20 or 30 years. Norka was born to be an international star, but achieving that goal wasn’t easy. She experienced hardship, trauma and the hard knocks that come with performing in dingy clubs on the weekends where booze rules and dancing is the only relief.

Norka began singing in Caracas when she was eight. Norka was cast in a Luis Miguel musical that featured the music of Shakira. Shakira was Norka idol and the thought of meeting Shakira crossed her mind thousands of time while she took piano lesson and voice lessons. When Norka Luque graduated from upper school, she had the opportunity to study in France, and she took it. Norka moved to France and earned degrees in the culinary arts, marketing, and fashion. Norka also joined the band, Bad Moon Rising, and she sang in French dance clubs on the weekends. Norka developed a following in France, but she decided to move to the United States after hearing Ricky Martin perform one night. Martin was at the top of his career and Norka realize she needed to move to Miami if she was ever going to make it in the music business. Norka made the move and started singing in dance clubs along South Beach.

Norka has one of those unforgettable voices that can make people feel good. Norka’s reputation grew in South Beach, and she got the attention of Emilio Estefan, the Grammy-winning producer of the Miami Sound Machine. Estefan decided to work with Norka. Emilio, Archie Pena, and Luigi Giraldo put together a Norka Luque album that took the music business by surprise. Norka’s second single from the album, Milagro, raced to the top of the charts and stayed there for 14 weeks in Venezuela. Milagro was a hit club song in Miami, Puerto Rico, and Caracas, and Norka name is now on everyone’s lips.

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