Transforming American Education through Betsy DeVos Philanthropy

Betsy DeVos demonstrated her reformist worldview at Calvin College while she undertook her vocation by actively participating in Campus Politics and other leadership roles. She has been leading a number of highly influential campaigns, action committees, and party strategies, all spanning thirty years, including a six-year role as chairperson at the Michigan Republic Party.


DeVos’ Lead Role in Non-Profit Initiatives

As the Chairperson of the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation, she has pursued wide and far-reaching charitable interests. She doubles up as a member of both local and national boards, including the Mars Hill Bible Church, Kids Hope the USA, Arts Management at Kennedy Center and the Foundation for Excellence.


Betsy is the leading advocate of the educational choice mass emancipation. During these movements, she was appointed the Chairperson of the American Federation for Children (AFC) as well as the Alliance for Schools Choice in America.


Philanthropic Life

Betsy DeVos has played a great role through her giving and philanthropy. Through the DeVos Foundation, she donated $400,000 to the Loudspeaker Media Inc. and a similar amount to Brown’s non-profit Partnership for Educational Justice.


In 2015, Betsy approved $150,000 for the Success Academy Charter Schools and promised future support. In addition to this, the DeVos foundation gave $5,000 to the GREAAT Schools Inc., a non-profit management company for schools in the United States.


Supporting Conservative Organizations

As a member of the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy, she donated $750,000 to the District of Columbia based think-tank and made initiated a program to roll out an addition of $1 million in the future.


The Institute of Justice received $10,000 in the process, recognized as a libertarian law firm that has conducted successful school suits in the country. Intercollegiate Studies Institute benefited with $6,500, in order to continue their college conservative programs.


Betsy DeVos Considered Greatest Success

Betsy believes her greatest success in the world of philanthropy is the State of Florida. She initiated a tax-credit scholarship plan, making Florida benefit from the nation’s educational choice. The program saw more enrollments in a number of schools, reaching 50,000 students attending educational institutions of their choice.


Through the support of policymakers and the entire public, the program received popular focus as more citizens volunteered to enroll their kid for high-quality and select institutions. She considers Florida as the best case study for what small effort and determination can produce and achieve.


With her husband, Betsy gave $100,000 to Alliance for School Choice. The alliance works with the American Federation for Children, where Betsy formerly served as the chairperson. In addition to these charities and donations, she has given her experience to the service in these organizations, previously serving on the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. The foundation donated $50,000.


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The Kennedy Center Surpasses Donation Goal With The Help Of Dick DeVos

The Kennedy Center for the Arts is an organisation I have always had the deepest respect for and follow the news of to keep up with the latest achievements and accomplishments seen within this arts based community. One Kennedy Center donor I have always been impressed with is the Michigan based business leader Dick DeVos who has worked alongside his family members to provide substantial backing for this fabulous center for the arts; I was happy to see Dick DeVos and wife Betsy had joined the drive to raise $125 million for the Kennedy Center to complete its work in creating a new river front pavilion. Dick and Betsy DeVos have provided around $1 million as the river pavilion fund has surpassed the initial estimates given by Kennedy Center officials by reaching over $130 million. To make sure the new range of educational buildings and rehearsal spaces are as impressive as possible, Kennedy Center officials have sought to extend the available fund by another $50 million as the plans for the river area have continued to develop.

I discovered Dick DeVos is a member of a very wealthy and powerful family who have always been taught to use their good fortune to assist others by the DeVos patriarch, which is something Dick has always looked to do. After taking control of the AmWay Group from his father, Dick has looked to develop the philanthropy of members of the family by entering different areas of the political arena and different communities across the U.S. Following the development of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation the married couple have looked to back a number of causes that reflect their views, and spent a large amount of time exploring the many different options open to them in making sure every member of their local community in Grand Rapids, Michigan has as many opportunities as possible.