Famous businessman Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Inspires Young Entrepreneurs

Leaders are known from their childhood. Only a few people know what they want to become when they grow up and strive to follow that path, hand picking their role models and emulating their characters until they become what they want to become when they grow up. When growing up, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer longed to become a corporate executive at a pretty tender age. For him, being a hard worker and pessimistic in all his business approaches made him become the now most admired entrepreneur and leader in his South American country.

The increase in turnover of RBS Group Company is largely attributed to excellent leadership skills of its president and chief executive officer, Mr. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer. For just a short time that he has held this position, the company has realized its impressive growth. His company growth strategies are aimed at catapulting the company to tap into the unexploited markets world over.

It is said, that when you help others grow, you grow too, and this is the slogan that he practices. He recognizes the potential in young leaders and makes sure to mentor them to become future corporate executives. Talking about mentorship, you can remember Mr. Sirotsky famously know as Duda Melzer by his participation in the groundbreaking ‘You with the President’ program. The program brought together various successful entrepreneurs and sort to discuss and find solutions to a myriad of issues concerning corporate management, and here, Mr. Eduardo was the key speaker.

Nothing can scare Mr. Duda Melzer as the president and CEO of RBS Group from coming up with long-term strategies, reports clicrbs.com. Through good leadership that aims at bringing employees together, they have highlighted company’s weakness area and fixed them appropriately to help it grow to its full potential. This is why since he took over leadership; the company has started recording inspiring profit margins. He banks on the support that his family and fellow employees give him to continue soaring high as he believes the sky is the limit.

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