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Most people want to live a healthier lifestyle, but often don’t know where to begin. Losing weight for most people is the first step you should take. It can prolong your life and may help some with self-esteem issues triggered from being overweight. Exercise is obviously something one should participate in on a daily basis. Your diet also plays a crucial role when it comes to weight loss.

At you can find a number of recipes for those wishing to shed some pounds while cleansing their systems. If you’re looking for a spicy snack look no further than the “West African Hot Pepper Sauce”. With only 30 minutes of prep and cook time, it makes this dish ideal for those serving a party or on game day as well. The vegan and vegetarian-friendly recipes call for habanero peppers, onions, garlic, Roma tomatoes, and a few spices.


If you find yourself craving something sweet but packed with nutrients, the “Raw Vegan Cherry Cinnamon Smoothie” will satisfy your sweet tooth. This smoothie is a full body cleanse approved recipe and is gluten free. For the recipe, you will need cherries, a banana, raw almonds, cinnamon, flaxseeds, and a pinch of Celtic sea salt.  Detailed in full on, as well as their vegan Pinterest board.


In addition to changing your diet and exercising, you may want to throw in some supplements as well. offers body cleansing products that target a wide range of different parts of the body. For example, there is a 10-day colon cleanser that can help remove toxins from your digestive system which can help with bloating. A 10-day blood cleanses will aid in removing toxins from the blood, but can also help cleanse the liver as well.


While most cleanse last about 10 days, the “Weight Release Cleanse & Regimen” cleanse supplement requires about 20 days for it to assist in releasing excess body weight. It can help raise energy levels, lower food cravings, and elevate your metabolism. While everyone’s results are different and depend on a number of factors, most lose between 15 to 40 pounds.  Or, as the Steve Harvey Show made clear, in extreme cases can help people lose hundreds of pounds.