Davos Real Estate Group Launches a New Real Estate Application

Davos Real Estate Group announced the launch of “Davos CAP Calculator,” a mobile app aimed at estimating the return on real estate investments in which a client has an interest – MIAMI, June 22, 2016, /PRNewswire/. The new mobile app was presented to the customers by David Osio and the company’s executive directors Pablo Bausili and Gerard González.


Davos Real Estate Group, one of the companies that form Davos Financial Group is a leader in providing expert asset management and financial support to corporations, homeowners, and investors for their business and personal property requirements. They do this through research and application of latest technology.


Their business objective aims at coming up with an investment strategy that fulfills the needs of their customers. For the last six months, Gerard González, an executive director of the company has been working closely with Tecknolution on the design and development of the amazing and useful tool. Davos CAP Calculator has been developed on the current technology platforms and can be installed on different Android devices and iPhone.


Davos CAP Calculator marks the start of a line of similar apps that the company plans to develop. Among them include an app that allows corporations, homeowners, and investors to identify properties through their mobile devices then forward the information to their agents at Davos REG via an interactive chat.


On the origin of Davos CAP Calculator, David Osio says that they saw the need to formulate an app that would enable them to guide their clients efficiently on matters relating to real estate investments. Gerard González adds that the innovative tool would help investors make sound investments.


About David Osio: The Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group


David Osio is an accomplished individual in the financial services industry. Currently, he is the chief executive officer of Davos Financial Group. Because of his broad knowledge in financial services and business management, Osio plays a major role in Latin American market key sectors including finance, and banking.


Mr. David Osio graduated from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello where he specialized in finance and banking. He furthered his studies at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos (IESA). To broaden his knowledge in banking and investment advising, Osio studied equity portfolio management at the Institute of Finance, New York.


After his studies, he worked in several companies including MGO, Banco Latino International just to name a few. It was in 1993 that MR. Osio decided to start his own firm Davos Financial Group of companies. Since then, he has served as the company’s CEO. The company has expanded substantially and has formed independent and licensed companies in different prime cities including Miami, Panama, New York and Geneva.

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