Fresh Pet Rides The Healthy Lifestyle Wave

Fresh Pet is a new pet food company that is cashing in on the healthy lifestyle trend that has moved from people to those people’s pets. When you think about healthy lifestyles the first thing that crosses most people’s minds is eating more fruits and veggies. The other thing is eating real food. Score one for Freshpet because this is exactly what they are doing, matching the trend in people food with their pets. How does that translate? Quite well actually, part of the novelty of Freshpet is seen when you are travelling with the CEO or the manufacturing chief Michael Heiger and you listen to how obsessed both men are about their company’s pet food and how fresh and tasty it is, This becomes very apparent when on the tour of their manufacturing facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania CEO Tompson offers visitors a slice of his company’s Chunky Chicken and Turkey Recipe fresh off the manufacturing line. This is clearly nothing that anyone has ever seen before and appears to be the direct result of a lifestyle trend with the general population that is now moving into the are area of household pets. And when we talk about pets what we really mean are those animals that people usually keep in the home. These household pets are looked on as part of the family, pets that you would want to do something special for. They are part of the family.

Beneful is definitely benefitting from this trend as sales of its innovative pet foods have clearly shown. It is also becoming more obvious that many pet owners are willing to spend more and more on this specialty pet food. One of the things that sets Beneful apart from its competition is the use of refrigerated stocking containers for its food. These containers serve two purposes.  As of 2016 Fresh pet has found its way to over 13,000 target Stores Wal-marts and Kroger food stores nationwide in America. In addition, Beneful is inundated with unsolicited testimonials from pet owners that state very positive claims such as “Since using Freshpet, I’ve seen a change in my pet’s overall health.” and, “…it’s the only food my dog with cancer will eat.” Although some people might think this is taking it over the top it really isn’t when you understand that Hippocrates the Greek Physician who is called the father of Medicine stated over 2000 years ago for people to let their food be their medicine and to let their medicine be their food.


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  1. This is apparently a lesson that has not been lost on Freshpet. One as a healthy way to store this whole all natural pet food and as additional advertising for the brand. This is truly a great way for bestessays to have recheck on their activities and why it’s really good.

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