Glen Wakeman, a role model in leadership and entrepreneurship

Glen Wakeman is the CEO of a SAAS company, LaunchPad Holdings LLC. He co-founded this company in 2015. He graduated with a BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton back in 1981. He later studied for an MBA in Finance and graduated in 1993 from the University of Chicago.

Wakeman began his career working at GE Capital for over 2 decades. While at GE, he founded and was in-charge of Nova Four. He was also recognized by the Board of Directors at GE as a role model of Growth Leadership. When he was in-charge of GE Money Latin America, he managed to build a 9-country operation from scratch. This set up exceeded 12 billion dollars in assets, with over 17,000 employees and 100 million dollars in annual revenues.


During his career, Glen Wakeman has been described as an entrepreneur and mentor. He has managed to revolutionize a business that had 15 billion dollars’ worth of assets, which later resulted in their success and development ( He has helped in guiding business beginners, penetration of new markets and exponential growth among others. He uses a self-proven methodology in the following 5 important areas: governance through enabling positive conflict, human capital by the alignment of the company’s procedures and the vision, risk management by minimizing various disruptions cropping up in a working environment, leadership, and execution through the integrating of practices, people, and technology.

Glen Wakeman is also a writer, he shares his insight by writing blogs regularly that discuss emerging markets, international monetary policies, strategies, management and administration, business changes and growth, and how to raise capital for business. He is very passionate about innovation, growth, and executive development. Given his working experience in six different countries, he is able to mentor other younger executives. He currently offers counsel to Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded.

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