Helping You Thrive with the Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a nonsectarian organization devoted to helping you live a wonderful life that is free of the guilt and stress that others experience. Kabbalah is ancient Jewish wisdom. In times past, Kabbalah was only practiced by elite and old rabbis who knew the secrets of the Torah. Today, however, thanks to the Kabbalah Centre, students from all over can learn practical wisdom that transforms their life.

One of the key aspects of Kabbalah is correcting the false perceptions that you may have about life, the Creator, and yourself. As you go through life, it helps to examine the prejudices and biases that hold you back. One of the most common ones that we see playing out in the current American political scene is the Either/Or Fallacy. The Either/Or Fallacy is the idea that we can only do this, or that. Left or right, blue or red, conservative or liberal, English or Spanish, and so on. Having this kind of mindset holds back many from becoming the fulfilled individual that they should be.

Growing up, many of us had poor role models. Why? They had poor role models. Your role model might have been parents, guardians, media, teachers, or your peer group. All of them imposed on your preferences, and you had to learn how to respond. Some of us responded by conforming to what was popular with those around us. Some of us rejected everything the people around us said, and became fiercely independent and rather lonely. These two responses are an example of the Either/Or Fallacy. The idea that we should entirely conform to what is popular is false, as is the idea that we should be fiercely independent and unwilling to adapt to what the people around us need.

The ancient Kabbalah practitioner Solomon identified and rebuked the Either/Or fallacy in his Book of Ecclesiastes, “A wise person avoids all extremes.”

Doing a self-assessment regularly to identify where you have an overly extreme viewpoint is very helpful. Figure out what parts of your life you really like to do. Figure out what parts of your life you really hate to do. Both of these areas are going to be areas where you are prone to make poor choices that rob you of growth and happiness.

Having friends who are good at different things than you, or who even have different beliefs than you is helpful as well.

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