How Arthur Becker Has Built Successful Companies Like Madison Partners, LLC

Arthur Becker, the Managing Director of Madison Partners, LLC is a highly respected strategist and innovator. He is often reiterating the importance of finding the right people to work with. If you succeed in getting talented individuals on board your vision, then the job is as good as done. All that remains is for you to inspire and motivate them enough. Then, step out of the way, and let them do the rest.

Madison’s Portfolio

Madison Partners, LLC, is a leading investment American company. Its portfolio shows it has interests mostly in the real estate and the pharmaceutical industries. When it comes to growing companies, few other CEO’s have the brains Arthur Becker possesses. That skill set has taken him close to thirty years to refine and perfect.

Before Madison, Becker used to serve as both the Chairman and CEO at the world’s number one digital news distributor, Zinio, LLC. His stint at Zinio lasted three years. Zinio was just another chapter in his life dealing with successful tech-based companies.


For eight years from 2002, Mr. Becker was in charge of NaviSite. This is a NASDAQ quoted and traded firm which has branches in the UK, India and North America. The company provides businesses with cloud storage and physical data hosting services. NaviSite was eventually sold off to the Time Warner Group of enterprises.

Speaking to, he expressed how he used the proceeds of the sale of NaviSite to buy his first real estate property in New York City. Later, he got another condominium in Florida. That marked the beginning of his love-affair with the lucrative real estate business.

Success Secrets

Mr. Becker claims to be an excellent organizer and coordinator. He treasures, above all else, working with respectful experts. To the CEO, failing is an excellent opportunity to learn and grow. Success takes time, patience, collaborations, and passion. See,

About Arthur Becker

Mr. Becker was enrolled at the Tuck School of Business in the years of 1973 to 1974. Previously, he was a student at the Bennington College where he was undertaking a course in Business Administration. You can follow him on the social media scene or via his About.Me account.