How Troy McQuagge has had a Successful Profession

Troy McQuagge presently works for the USHEALTH Group as its chief executive officer. He was recently chosen by the One Planet Awards as the winner of the CEO of the Year, which is highly regarded. The winners of the prize come from different parts of the globe since it is dedicated to acknowledging different enterprises and career people who have made noteworthy achievements in various sectors. Firms from across the world have an equal opportunity of presenting their nomination. The One Planet Award recognizes many categories, and some of them are corporate communication, teams, public relations, emerging products and services, executive, and marketing.


The USHEALTH Group hired Mr.Troy McQuagge is 2010. The first obligation that he was given by the company was to transform the USHEALTH Advisors, which is its official supply division. His excellent performance at the unit was highly appreciated by the enterprise. In 2014, he was promoted to president and CEO. His term as the head of the company has been successful since he has managed to make good returns despite the fierce competition that is in the health insurance business. Troy was thankful for being recognized for his outstanding work in the sector. According to him, the hard work of the USHEALTH Group is what led to the acknowledgment. The award is an indicator of the effort of the firm in tackling various issues such as the availability of health solutions to the people of the United States. It ensures that people receive an excellent cover.


The USHEALTH Group, Inc. is recognized for being a frontrunner in offering health insurance solutions. The main premises of the firm are located in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company has specialized in providing excellent medical insurance to individuals who own small enterprises and self-employed people. It has always utilized the talents of its workers and agents to distribute its insurance solutions. It has also been striving to ensure that it offers the best customer services.


Troy McQuagge also serves as a member of the USHEALTH Group’s board of directors. The CEO role made him the head of the company’s subsidiaries such as the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. Mr. McQuagge was first employed in the insurance sector in 1983 by the Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he moved to work for the United Insurance Companies Inc. and served its Student Insurance Division. The company later promoted him to be president, and his leadership assisted it to make the highest profits in one year. UICI was sold in 2006, and its name also changed to HealthMarkets. The new owners of the firm appointed him to manage the sale and marketing team and later made him president in 2007.