If you Plan to Run a Prison, Don’t Do It without Securus Technologies

According to a law enforcer that worked for a prison in the west of the U.S., the Securus Technologies allowed the team to find inmates who were smuggling drugs on their territory, something they were not even suspecting that was happening inside those bars. The monitoring of phone calls, a service that Securus Technologies provided to help maintain control of what happens between inmates and the external world, helped the team catch the responsible offenders and restore a clean experience for everyone in prison.

Another staff in jail said that the communication of Securus Technologies allowed them to find a corrupted co-worker who was helping the inmates further their crimes even inside the prison. The person was a close friend of everyone, and the agency wouldn’t have been able to find the responsible without the communication service with such an emphasis on security.

Securus Technologies has proved its worth through many positive feedbacks given in the last few years, and it is used nowadays by more than 2,500 agencies, prisons, correction departments and private enforcers who want a dedicated community system that allows them to monitor what inmates talk about while maintaining a top-notch telephone service for their comfort.

As the name suggests, the company, with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, has its focus primarily in maintaining a highly secure environment in prisons and dangerous territory. Because agencies are leading with people who possibly committed crimes, it is important that inmates have the freedom to communicate – but understand that the communication can be investigated if the need arises.

With a dedicated staff focused on helping solve security problems in prisons all around the United States and Canada, they have already found solutions for over 2,600 correctional facilities, and the number is still growing.

The CEO of the company is Richard “Rich” Smith, who has led the company to the place where it’s at. Now, every prison considers the communication services of Securus Technologies, because it is simply the best in the market.