Many today are interested in the category of fashion due to the popularity of certain television series. The same is true of the public’s recent interest with technology. These two fields of industry have been thoughtfully combined to produce an interwoven, technological fashion phenomenon.


It seems to have begun in the early 1970’s when the electronic boom box was all the rage. This technological breakthrough allowed people to showcase their music selections and tastes to a grouping of nearby listeners, simply by walking around with it turned on. Barely a decade later, thanks to television and film popularizing the device, sales caught on as more people were exposed to the technology through this type of marketing. As time progressed, a more portable experience could be obtained, lighter and smaller, which permitted the user to enjoy music on a more personal level, by plugging in headphones. Further still, the devices became digital with no moving parts at all, small enough to be concealed within one’s fist and in a variety of fashionable color schemes and designs.


Fashion too, has evolved to become technologically friendly in its design and how it is made. Today, dresses can be 3D printed and unfolded to be worn in a variety of lattice-work styles. The clothing can be printed in such as way as to permit tiny LED lighting schemes to be woven throughout, to create a walking display of color alternating lights. Another fascinating marriage of technology and clothing fashion is the use of an air bag system that is concealed within protective neckwear, to prevent cyclists from injuring their necks in the event of a fall or impact with their cycle. There are also specialized gloves that make use of technology to assist firefighters with communicating with one another by using hand gestures to relay information at a moment’s notice.


The founder of Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch, who also serves as the CEO of the company, is a highly respected entrepreneur. For many decades he has first hand involvement in the success of over 50 business ventures. His company is renowned for creating a variety of technological products that are in high demand by consumers across the globe.


Mr. Chris Burch has roughly a 40 year track record as an investor in technological innovations. He has vast knowledge of the behavior of consumers with global connections for sourcing new products.