Kate Hudson is beyond stunning in her Fabletics line of clothes!

Fabletics has been all over the internet taking the fitness fashion world by storm. Due to the recent popularity, Kate Hudson has been in demand for interviews! Elle Magazine recently had the honor to meet with Kate and discuss her clothing line. During the interview, Kate explained why she wanted to start this Fabletics clothing line. She stated to Elle Magazine “When I talk about getting my creative juices flowing in another field, I always wanted it to be something that had a consciousness. What is the message? And it was about reaching hopefully a large number of women who want to get involved in the community and helping them achieve their goals through the website. Then, I wanted to create a product as meaningful as the message like Fabletics. We wanted to make sure it was real athletic wear you can wear, whether you are an athlete or somebody who is really starting out that part of their life. I always wanted a legging you can wear to workout or throw some boots on and go out in. And, have it not cost $100 and have the same quality.”

What were the results of Kate’s creative line, Fabletics? Once you join, you will get your first outfit for only 25.00 and free shipping! Then the perks just begin! As part of the paid Fabletics VIP membership program, you will save up to 50% off regular pricing and earn points towards free loyalty items. Every month you have the option to log in and shop or skip the month if you do not need anything. If you do not log in then, you will be charged the $49.95 fee that will be used as credit to purchase. The clothing of Fabletics is excellent, functional, fun, and affordable. Members can cancel at any time, but unlikely that you will want to. The perks of membership include:

* 40-50% Off Retail Prices

* Free Shipping on Orders Over $49

* Earn Rewards Points for Free Gear

The line of clothes is beyond fun. Don’t take my word for it. Start your membership today at Fabletics.com

Reference: http://www.elle.com/culture/a35253/getting-lost-and-found-with-kate-hudson/

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  1. An affordable line of clothing that the average person can wear and afford. The marketing place is creative and fun. I also feel that the best college essays can have a thing or two to say about all of this too.

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