Sam Boraie and Boraie Development Are Instrumental In The Revitalization of New Brunswick, New Jersey

The central New Jersey city of New Brunswick has been experiencing a revitalization in recent years, and much of the progress has been led by Sam Boraie and Boraie Development.

An attractive, 17-story, luxury apartment building named The Aspire is one of the exciting new properties that have been developed by Boraie Development, according to NJ Biz‘ report. Located in the heart of New Brunswick, The Aspire features more than 230 designer apartments, and a host of amenities.

The Albany Street Plaza in New Brunswick is an eight-story office building in downtown New Brunswick that was developed by Sam Boraie and Boraie Development. Situated across the street from the local railroad station, Albany Street Plaza features retail and service shops at street level, and is considered an anchor in the New Brunswick business community.

Sam Boraie and Omar Boraie Development have also been instrumental in a wave of residential and commercial rebirth that has occurred in Newark, New Jersey. One of the most impressive and ambitious projects, is the 23-story One Riverview luxury residential building.

Consisting of more than 150 residential condominium units, this project is a collaboration between basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal and Boraie Development.

Another project in Newark that Boraie Development and Shaquille O’ Neal have collaborated on is the redevelopment of a popular 12-screen movie theater. In a report by, the state-of-the-art theater offers plush stadium seating, all-digital projection, an upgraded concession stand, and Dolby audio. With a special party room and large lobby, the venue is utilized for various functions, and has helped to stimulate further economic development in the area.

How Troy McQuagge has had a Successful Profession

Troy McQuagge presently works for the USHEALTH Group as its chief executive officer. He was recently chosen by the One Planet Awards as the winner of the CEO of the Year, which is highly regarded. The winners of the prize come from different parts of the globe since it is dedicated to acknowledging different enterprises and career people who have made noteworthy achievements in various sectors. Firms from across the world have an equal opportunity of presenting their nomination. The One Planet Award recognizes many categories, and some of them are corporate communication, teams, public relations, emerging products and services, executive, and marketing.


The USHEALTH Group hired Mr.Troy McQuagge is 2010. The first obligation that he was given by the company was to transform the USHEALTH Advisors, which is its official supply division. His excellent performance at the unit was highly appreciated by the enterprise. In 2014, he was promoted to president and CEO. His term as the head of the company has been successful since he has managed to make good returns despite the fierce competition that is in the health insurance business. Troy was thankful for being recognized for his outstanding work in the sector. According to him, the hard work of the USHEALTH Group is what led to the acknowledgment. The award is an indicator of the effort of the firm in tackling various issues such as the availability of health solutions to the people of the United States. It ensures that people receive an excellent cover.


The USHEALTH Group, Inc. is recognized for being a frontrunner in offering health insurance solutions. The main premises of the firm are located in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company has specialized in providing excellent medical insurance to individuals who own small enterprises and self-employed people. It has always utilized the talents of its workers and agents to distribute its insurance solutions. It has also been striving to ensure that it offers the best customer services.


Troy McQuagge also serves as a member of the USHEALTH Group’s board of directors. The CEO role made him the head of the company’s subsidiaries such as the Freedom Life Insurance Company of America. Mr. McQuagge was first employed in the insurance sector in 1983 by the Allstate Insurance Company. In 1995, he moved to work for the United Insurance Companies Inc. and served its Student Insurance Division. The company later promoted him to be president, and his leadership assisted it to make the highest profits in one year. UICI was sold in 2006, and its name also changed to HealthMarkets. The new owners of the firm appointed him to manage the sale and marketing team and later made him president in 2007.


Many today are interested in the category of fashion due to the popularity of certain television series. The same is true of the public’s recent interest with technology. These two fields of industry have been thoughtfully combined to produce an interwoven, technological fashion phenomenon.


It seems to have begun in the early 1970’s when the electronic boom box was all the rage. This technological breakthrough allowed people to showcase their music selections and tastes to a grouping of nearby listeners, simply by walking around with it turned on. Barely a decade later, thanks to television and film popularizing the device, sales caught on as more people were exposed to the technology through this type of marketing. As time progressed, a more portable experience could be obtained, lighter and smaller, which permitted the user to enjoy music on a more personal level, by plugging in headphones. Further still, the devices became digital with no moving parts at all, small enough to be concealed within one’s fist and in a variety of fashionable color schemes and designs.


Fashion too, has evolved to become technologically friendly in its design and how it is made. Today, dresses can be 3D printed and unfolded to be worn in a variety of lattice-work styles. The clothing can be printed in such as way as to permit tiny LED lighting schemes to be woven throughout, to create a walking display of color alternating lights. Another fascinating marriage of technology and clothing fashion is the use of an air bag system that is concealed within protective neckwear, to prevent cyclists from injuring their necks in the event of a fall or impact with their cycle. There are also specialized gloves that make use of technology to assist firefighters with communicating with one another by using hand gestures to relay information at a moment’s notice.


The founder of Burch Creative Capital, Christopher Burch, who also serves as the CEO of the company, is a highly respected entrepreneur. For many decades he has first hand involvement in the success of over 50 business ventures. His company is renowned for creating a variety of technological products that are in high demand by consumers across the globe.


Mr. Chris Burch has roughly a 40 year track record as an investor in technological innovations. He has vast knowledge of the behavior of consumers with global connections for sourcing new products.

The Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, Takes Time to Give Back

By the end of the year 2017, researchers predict that more than 75 percent of internet users will be video users as well. This is fantastic news for Bob Reina, founder and CEO of Talk Fusion because after nine years, this video communications company is at the top of the video industry. Reina has developed high-quality products that are available through Talk Fusion, and he has an excellent team of high-techs in Tampa, FL.

Talk Fusion offers Video Email, an award-winning Video Chat, Live Meetings, Video Newsletters Sign-ups, and an evaluation program for each program. The original product was Video Email, which Reina and a tech-savvy friend introduced in 2007. In 2004, Bob wanted to send a short 10-second video, but could not find a video communications company that could handle it, so they began to devise a top video email, and Talk Fusion was born.

Now almost a decade later, these prime products make-up the All-in-one Solution that Talk Fusion is most recognized for. This package is the most popular, and last year, in 2016, Talk Fusion made it available to the public as a Free Trial offer. This is an incredible accomplishment because it allows anybody online, whether an individual or a small business, to use the best video communications in the industry.

As an added enticement, Bob Reina developed the Free Trial for 30 days so that users could use only their valid email address; a credit card number is never required. This makes it so easy to register and begin using the service. For more information, go to

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, Bob Reina Gives Back

Bob Reina is an exceptional owner and CEO because he remembers how Talk Fusion originated, and he wants to help others attain their dreams. Last year, he gave a phenomenal, one million dollars to the Tampa Bay Humane Society to build a shelter for strays. He contributes to an orphanage in Indonesia regularly, but also gives to his own employees, encouraging them with a giving program to non-profit organization. Reina is an example of an entrepreneur and philanthropist who truly cares and gives back to the community and beyond.

Davos Real Estate Group Launches a New Real Estate Application

Davos Real Estate Group announced the launch of “Davos CAP Calculator,” a mobile app aimed at estimating the return on real estate investments in which a client has an interest – MIAMI, June 22, 2016, /PRNewswire/. The new mobile app was presented to the customers by David Osio and the company’s executive directors Pablo Bausili and Gerard González.


Davos Real Estate Group, one of the companies that form Davos Financial Group is a leader in providing expert asset management and financial support to corporations, homeowners, and investors for their business and personal property requirements. They do this through research and application of latest technology.


Their business objective aims at coming up with an investment strategy that fulfills the needs of their customers. For the last six months, Gerard González, an executive director of the company has been working closely with Tecknolution on the design and development of the amazing and useful tool. Davos CAP Calculator has been developed on the current technology platforms and can be installed on different Android devices and iPhone.


Davos CAP Calculator marks the start of a line of similar apps that the company plans to develop. Among them include an app that allows corporations, homeowners, and investors to identify properties through their mobile devices then forward the information to their agents at Davos REG via an interactive chat.


On the origin of Davos CAP Calculator, David Osio says that they saw the need to formulate an app that would enable them to guide their clients efficiently on matters relating to real estate investments. Gerard González adds that the innovative tool would help investors make sound investments.


About David Osio: The Chief Executive Officer of Davos Financial Group


David Osio is an accomplished individual in the financial services industry. Currently, he is the chief executive officer of Davos Financial Group. Because of his broad knowledge in financial services and business management, Osio plays a major role in Latin American market key sectors including finance, and banking.


Mr. David Osio graduated from the Universidad Catolica Andres Bello where he specialized in finance and banking. He furthered his studies at the Instituto de Estudios Superiores Administrativos (IESA). To broaden his knowledge in banking and investment advising, Osio studied equity portfolio management at the Institute of Finance, New York.


After his studies, he worked in several companies including MGO, Banco Latino International just to name a few. It was in 1993 that MR. Osio decided to start his own firm Davos Financial Group of companies. Since then, he has served as the company’s CEO. The company has expanded substantially and has formed independent and licensed companies in different prime cities including Miami, Panama, New York and Geneva.

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China demuestra inconformidad con medidas económicas de Maduro




Vijay Eswaran’s Path To QI Group Took Some Time

Sometimes successful individuals have to go through longer roads to get where they are today, something that holds true for Vijay Eswaran, the co-founder of billion-dollar enterprise QI Group Ltd. Eswaran was not always sitting in a nice, comfortable office in luxurious accommodations. At one time he was out getting his hands dirty at construction sites, picking grapes from the vines and even driving a cab just to get by. But he didn’t let that stop him from staying true to his goal of one day founding a company that could help others succeed, and giving back to his community through philanthropy. Vijay Eswaran has earned multiple honorable mentions and recognitions from Forbes Asia, the World Economic Forum, and India’s Pravasi Bharatiya Divas.

Eswaran is the son of a former Malaysian Ministry of Labor worker on and a school teacher. From a young boy into his early adult life, he was taught to work hard and be a good student at every opportunity that came along. He got his bachelor’s degree in economics before he spent time getting his hands dirty at the various odd jobs. Vijay Eswaran made it to grad school at Southern Illinois University where he got his MBA and was given the opportunity to work as a consultant for various IT companies.

Read more: Dato’ Vijay Eswaran speaks about ‘finding your purpose’

Eswaran started his own company, QI Group Ltd. in 1998 after getting his foot in the door of the multilevel marketing world on He began to build quite a portfolio at QI Group and helped many people go into business for themselves through direct selling. QI Group’s main direct selling outlet is QNet, a distributor of health and beauty products, household tools, jewelry and vacation packages. QI Group also sells luxurious products through QLifestyle and has a finance and real estate holdings company in QI Asset Management.

In addition to founding QI Group, Eswaran helped establish the company’s philanthropic wing at RYTHM Foundation at where he’s spearheaded efforts to give back to impoverished areas of Asia and the world, and help children with special needs. Eswaran has also spoken at various summits including the Global Indian Business Meet and World Economic Forum. He’s also author of a number of books including In The Sphere of Silence.

Jason Hope’s Involvement In The Community

Jason Hope is someone who is always doing something productive. Among the things he does are writing blogs, running a business, and donating to charities. He has talked about many topics that are related to technology. Among the subtopics that Jason Hope taks about is where technology is headed in the future. This not only shows how creative he is, but also how much he loves technology. He not only gets involved with the entertaining aspects of technology but also the productive aspects.

Jason Hope also has a relationship with the SENS Foundation. He is passionate about health and treatments. One thing he wants to do is influence people into being proactive with their health. This is in fact the best way to maintain their health. Too many people wait until they have a disease to look for ways of improving their health. Jason Hope wants to encourage others to take the proactive approach. He is also very passionate abut fighting age related diseases. This is one of the reasons that he has made a pledge of $500,000 to the SENS Foundation.

The SENS Foundation specializes in rejuvenation. Therefore, people will be more likely to fight off age related conditions. Jason Hope believes that the SENS Foundation is very important in the achievement of human medicine. If the SENS Foundation is given enough assistance, then it is going to make a huge leap towards better treatment.

Jason Hope loves what he does. This is one of the reasons that he is so successful. When an entrepreneur takes the time to figure out the industry he wants, he becomes more likely to be fulfilled and successful in what he does. All he needs to go along with his passion is knowledge. If he takes the time to educate himself about any given industry, then he is going to go really far in his pursuits. Jason Hope not only succeeds in what he is passionate about but also shares his success with people that are less fortunate.

Talk To Your Loved Ones In A Correctional Facility Over A Secure Network

Securus Technologies is paving the way for secure inmate calling features around the globe. Their most recent four quarter audit caught a few inaccuracies with Global Tel-Link that were immediately corrected. They are committed to correcting inmate irregularities within a calling network to ensure secure access with each call. Securus Technologies is responsible for processing 53.4 billion calls annually. They have proudly served the community for 20+ years with access to wonderful calling features that save their customers time and money. Take the opportunity to become a member today with many advanced technological solutions from Securus Technologies.


Are you tired of wrestling with inmate calls that cost a fortune? Are you tired of endless dropped calls that never give you the allotted minutes on your contract? Securus Technologies now offers inmate calling features that will allow you to save more than ever before. They have teamed up with Vimeo to bring video chat features that give you complete control over the picture and the sound. They have also merged with JPay services to bring other features that are new to the inmate calling network. They eliminate the need to locate an authorized agent in a hard to find rural area.


Securus Technologies Features


Advanced Pay Options


You can pay for advanced inmate calling features and send pictures, get prepaid minutes, or put money on an inmates account. It’s as simple as registering for a an account over the phone or over the internet. You must be 18+ with a valid debit or credit card.


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail is an advanced technological feature that gives them a personalized account to access voicemail messages. When they get permission to use the phone they can retrieve their messages.


You’re invited to browse the Securus Technologies website for more details on their services and offers.


The Changing Face Of Fast Food

Food is one of the more interesting aspects of life. People need food and yet not all types of food are good for them. One thing about this that is even more interesting is that the tastier foods tend to be not so good for them. However, it has eventually gotten to the point that it is hard to get a hold of some healthier food without spending a lot of money. Fast food joints have become known for all of their processed and fattening menus. However, a lot of fast food joints do offer the occasional healthy meal to accompany the fattening and processed menu. Fortunately, there are efforts being made to change this.


One example is Sweetgreen. This restaurant is a salad restaurant. However, it also offers other types of dishes to accompany the salad. These ingredients are organically sourced. Therefore, people are not eating contaminated products. They are instead eating items that are completely natural. To make things better, they are getting a wide range of nutrients so that they could lose weight more easily if they have to. The older diet has very little to no nutrients. All that people have been consuming is empty calories.


However, there is another issue that people are faced with that Sweetgreen addresses. This issue is protein. People that try to eat healthy often consume less protein. As a result, they find themselves actually declining in health. However, Sweetgreen manages to put in some foods that are high in protein so that people will be able to improve their health completely. Sweetgreen makes sure that every nutrient is available for the customer.


Sweetgreen is the idea of Nathaniel Ru. Nathaniel is someone who is very passionate about health. He did not like that there was very little when it comes to options about healthy foods. Therefore, he has decided that he wanted to change that. He has teamed up with his friends to start a business that actually makes things healthier. As a result, he has founded Sweetgreen. Nathaniel’s restaurant has turned out to be a really successful restaurant in the industry.


The Water at Squaw Valley is Being Fixed

Squaw Valley wants all of their clients and their guests to know that the resort is open, it is safe and it is available for people to use in the same way that they used it before. They also want their current and future guests to make sure that they know that the resort will be back to full operational status in the future. They are working on the water problem at the resort and they plan to make things better for their clients when the water is fixed and when it is available for their clients.

The water problem of Squaw Valley all started in October when there was a very heavy rain that was uncharacteristic for the area. This was something that the resort had never seen and it was just too much for the resort’s water system to handle. It came at an especially bad time because the water system had just been replaced in the summer. This was a necessary upgrade but the system was not ready for the heavy rain that came during that time. It was not able to handle it, the water overflowed and the quality of it quickly diminished from what is considered to be consumable.

There are plenty of options for people who visit the resort on while they are waiting for Placer County to give the all clear for Squaw Valley to begin serving water again. While the restaurants of the resort are closed, people are able to use the vending machines that are there and available for them to be able to use. This is something that has made it better even for people who want to have a snack while they are participating in winter sports. They may not be able to go to the restaurant but the can definitely enjoy the vending options.

Squaw Valley wants to do their best to serve their guests even while they are not able to use the water in the resort. They are offering other things for their guests and they are working hard to make sure that everyone is taken care of and they have exactly what they need. This is something that has allowed Squaw Valley to show their commitment to their clients and to the guests who come to their resort. They want them to be as happy and taken care of as possible during this time that is difficult at the resort.

The guests of the resort are the most important thing to Squaw Valley. The resort wants their guests to know that they will be taken care of during this time. They are providing bottled water to all of their guests who get thirsty and they want to make sure that everything is the way that it is supposed to be. Since Placer County recommended that Squaw Valley close their restaurant, they are trying to do the most for their guests who are visiting. They know that they need to keep their guests satisfied so that they will be able to continue operating the resort.