Ross Abelow Is Saving New York City’s Animals A Little At A Time

In New York City, Ross Abelow has started a fundraiser that would simple help the animals. The city’s animals are benefited from it, and it began in 2016. He designed the fundraiser to make enough money to give shelters the ability to give the animals blankets, medical and food. He wants to raise $5,000.

The Winters Are Hard On The Animals

The winter temperatures are very difficult for the city’s animals to withstand. It not only has to do with the low temperatures, but also with the weather conditions, like ice and snow. Since he cares about the animals very much, he wants to make sure that they don’t become sick and die, especially during the hard, winter months.

Who Is Ross Abelow?

Ross Abelow is a lawyer in New York City. His practice deals with family law. Other specialties include commercial litigation and entertainment law. Right now, he is a partner at Abelow & Cassandro, Llp.

What Is Ross Abelow’s Educational Background?

He received an undergraduate degree from the State University of NY. After that, he acquired a law degree. This was from the Brooklyn Law School. It was in the year 1989, and he has been practicing law ever since then.

What Does Ross Abelow Do During His Spare Time?

He likes to write articles for the Crown Point New York. These are about legal issues, and they are meant to help the public. He also has a personal blog that he also writes on often. This deals with both financial and legal problems that can affect many people. He gives them ideas on how to go about handling the different issues that they might encounter.

The fundraiser is based on a GoFundMe page that people can go to in order to donate money for the city’s animals. The cause is a good one, and the people love to help the animals so they can stay safe and warm.

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  1. It looks that the fundraiser will continue to provide and help the many animals that need it in NYC with the help from the special people that care. This will indeed bw what has already planned to do.

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