Securus Technologies Helping Make Prisons Drug Free

Our prison has seen a recent spike in drug use with inmates, and that is turn has caused the incidents of violence in our facility to escalate too. The easiest way to reduce the violence between officers and inmates and inmates and others in the jail is to try and eliminate drugs from the equation. The reason this is easier said that done is because inmates will tell you that it is easier for them to score drugs in the prison than it is getting them on the streets.


To try and curb the flow of the drugs in our jail, what me and my fellow officers will do each day is to set up a search area in the visitor center and check every person that comes into the jail to see the inmates. Then we do the same after they meet but with inmates, this is to ensure nothing gets back to the cells. Even with these efforts, the inmates still find drugs with minimal effort. That is why we rely so heavily on Securus Technologies to help us identify weaker areas within our prison.


Securus Technologies is responsible for placing their call monitoring system throughout the jail that allows officers to listen to the inmates on the phone. Now we are alerted by the LBS software if an inmate is talking about drugs. We have heard conversations taking place on the phone where a visitor will tell an inmate how they will sneak the drugs through the visitor center. We have heard inmates giving detailed instructions how to mail certain drugs to the jail. My team even heard one inmate telling his cousin to hid the drugs in their lunch and offer it to the inmate when they meet. Each attempt is thwarted now by my team before it happens.