The Many Wireless Options From FreedomPop Includes Using Wi-Fi For Phone Service

As any FreedomPop review will say, it’s never a requirement to have any kind of contract with FreedomPop, even for Internet services. What many people love about FreedomPop is the freedom to start and stop services whenever it’s needed, whether it’s for cell phones or for Internet service. Another great thing is that FreedomPop has low prices on their cell phones that require no contract to purchase them, so the phone can be purchased outright for as low as $10. Many choose to bring their own phone over to FreedomPop, which is also possible as long as the phone is compatible with FreedomPop and meets their standards.


Either an iPhone or an Android phone can be used on FreedomPop for services, whether it’s the free service or on one of the paid services. The iPhones must have software that is 7.0 or higher, whereas Android phones must have software that is 4.0 or higher. Only unlocked GSM phones can be used with FreedomPop. Sprint phones can still be brought over to FreedomPop as well. The free cell phone service used to consist of 200 minutes with 500 text messages and 500 MB of data.


The free plan has stayed the same except raising the text messages to unlimited usage, but the data may be used a lot quicker than normal because of the unlimited texts. Sending text messages will require data usage, so those who plan on using a lot of texts should connect to Wi-Fi services or should get additional data from FreedomPop. There is an automatic top up that occurs once the data comes within 100 MB of being depleted, and the top up charge costs $10. Turning off the automatic top up will spare the person the $10 charge.


Anyone who doesn’t have the top up turned on will then be subject to a fee of $0.02 per megabyte for extra data usage. Switching to the unlimited everything plan for $19.99 can give the user unlimited data, and they’ll also be able to utilize 1 GB of 4G LTE data on the plan as well. Since not everyone has access to Wi-Fi services, those who need access can use Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop, which only costs five dollars every month and can allow the cell phone user constant access to the Internet as well as a way to make calls and send texts over Wi-Fi.