The Water at Squaw Valley is Being Fixed

Squaw Valley wants all of their clients and their guests to know that the resort is open, it is safe and it is available for people to use in the same way that they used it before. They also want their current and future guests to make sure that they know that the resort will be back to full operational status in the future. They are working on the water problem at the resort and they plan to make things better for their clients when the water is fixed and when it is available for their clients.

The water problem of Squaw Valley all started in October when there was a very heavy rain that was uncharacteristic for the area. This was something that the resort had never seen and it was just too much for the resort’s water system to handle. It came at an especially bad time because the water system had just been replaced in the summer. This was a necessary upgrade but the system was not ready for the heavy rain that came during that time. It was not able to handle it, the water overflowed and the quality of it quickly diminished from what is considered to be consumable.

There are plenty of options for people who visit the resort on while they are waiting for Placer County to give the all clear for Squaw Valley to begin serving water again. While the restaurants of the resort are closed, people are able to use the vending machines that are there and available for them to be able to use. This is something that has made it better even for people who want to have a snack while they are participating in winter sports. They may not be able to go to the restaurant but the can definitely enjoy the vending options.

Squaw Valley wants to do their best to serve their guests even while they are not able to use the water in the resort. They are offering other things for their guests and they are working hard to make sure that everyone is taken care of and they have exactly what they need. This is something that has allowed Squaw Valley to show their commitment to their clients and to the guests who come to their resort. They want them to be as happy and taken care of as possible during this time that is difficult at the resort.

The guests of the resort are the most important thing to Squaw Valley. The resort wants their guests to know that they will be taken care of during this time. They are providing bottled water to all of their guests who get thirsty and they want to make sure that everything is the way that it is supposed to be. Since Placer County recommended that Squaw Valley close their restaurant, they are trying to do the most for their guests who are visiting. They know that they need to keep their guests satisfied so that they will be able to continue operating the resort.