Thor Halvorssen Brings Personal Experiences To Human Rights Activism

The majority of people who join the human rights have little experience of how human rights abuses can personally affect individuals, families and groups; an exception to this rule is Thor Halvorssen who has surrounded himself with others who have faced having their human rights stripped from them.

Thor Halvorssen comes from a long line of politicians and aristocrats who have fought against oppression for decades in his ancestral homes of Norway and Venezuela, but the New York based activist has also seen his own family be stripped of their human rights during recent years.

Both parents of Thor Halvorssen have been personally affected by human rights issues in their lives as they have faced off against the ruling government and officials in Venezuela; Halvorssen’s father was imprisoned and tortured when working as the Venezuelan drug czar and uncovered corruption amongst the highest levels of law enforcement agencies.

The Halvorssen family has opposed the socialist ideals of the Chavez regime and those following it in Venezuela, which resulted in Halvorssen’s mother being shot as she attended a political rally in opposition to the socialist government of the Latin American country.

Despite basing himself in New York City in a bid to remain independent of political control for his Human Rights Foundation, Thor Halvorssen has joined many groups bringing attention to human rights around the world.

One such group is the Prague based Children’s Peace Movement that links children in Northern Europe with those in areas of the Middle East affected by war to raise awareness in democratic areas of the world. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

The interest the film producer has in the movies has also seen him develop the not for profit Motion Picture Institute, which hopes to raise awareness of human rights issues through the production of various films detailing these issues.

Halvorssen is a major supporter of many different groups he believes can help people around the world and details many of his experiences in articles for some of the world’s best known news organizations.