Why Should You Try Wen?

If you’ve seen a few infomercials on QVC for Wen, you’ve probably been curious about how well the products actually work. Wen is known for its natural ingredients, essential oils and plant and flower extracts. The Guthy-Renker sold products are also said to improve the health of the hair, and several celebrities have even stated that Wen is effective.

If you’re still not really convinced, take a look at this Bustle review by Emily McClure.

She tried WEN Hair conditioner for 7 days, and here’s what she found out.

McClure noticed that even though she had to use nearly double the amount of conditioner she had to use with other brands, her hair felt softer right away. She also says that Fig conditioner gave her hair lots of extra moisture. So much moisture, in fact, that on day four of the experiment, her curls fell after heat-styling her hair–and this was the day she didn’t have time to wash her hair!

Before the week ended, Emily’s friends commented on how shiny and silky her hair was. Overall, Emily says that Wen’s Fig conditioner is ideal for women who want to nourish their hair and scalp while making their hair appear fuller. She also says the product works well for women who heat-style their hair daily.

For more product information, visit the Wen crunchbase organization profile.

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