Women always gravitate towards the latest and greatest in beauty and technology. The best women’s razors of 2021 have not existed yet, and if they had, would not be available for some years yet. This is because of the long lead time of razor blades, and the fact that the best women’s razors of 2021 will have probably already been superseded by the best women’s razors of 2023.

With the start of 2021, the debate about the best women’s razors of the upcoming year will be heating up. Many of the top brands are gearing up for their big reveal this year. (But if you’re not a razor expert you might not appreciate the thrill of seeing the new models, so we’ve worked with experts from the field to come up with a list of the best razors of 2021.


The women’s razor is no longer just about introducing a pink tax, i.e. a higher price for women’s products just because they are made for women. On the contrary, these shavers are now made with the habits, personal preferences and convenience of women in mind. They are designed to wrap around curved areas and small spots without leaving indentations, and often have benefits like built-in soap that lubricates the skin.

In our search for the best razor for smooth legs, armpits and bikini line, we tested 15 of the best razors – from ultra-sharp single-blade safety razors to traditional five-blade razors – according to CNN Underscored. Whether you shave diligently year-round or only pick up your razor in the summer, after more than a month of shaving (and cut removal), we’ve picked our top three razors:

The best shaver for women

The Billie The Razor Starter Kit won first place for its comfortable design, smooth shave and overall durability. With a built-in activated-carbon soap for easy lubrication and a rubberized handle for comfortable use, it provided a quick and comfortable shave.

Another good shaver for women

The Flamingo razor has a stronger, heavier handle with a rubber grip that is comfortable to hold, and the razor pattern is designed to be flexible so you can shave upside down, sideways and backwards with ease. It also makes for a clean shave, but doesn’t reach Billy’s level.

The best luxury shaver for women

Yes, the People the Single Rose Gold Safety Razor may not be the best choice if you’re in a hurry, but it shaves the cleanest and smoothest of all the razors we tried. As good as this shaver is, it may not be the best choice for those who need a simple, everyday shaver.

Billie The Razor Starter Kit

Let’s list the reasons why we fell in love with the Billie shaver. Seriously, though. Let’s start with what it looks like. We value form as much as function, and Billie just makes a beautiful razor, with a cool color design and a curved cartridge. The blade also contains active charcoal soap, so it glides over the skin without getting slimy like some built-in soaps and moisturizing serums we tested.

The blades from the box were very sharp and removed hair in one motion without having to repeat the motion to catch the beard. We didn’t have to wash the blade hairs every few strokes, and there was no irritation even when we used antiperspirant right after shaving our armpits with the Billie razor.

The shaver itself is also comfortable to use – the handle has a rubber coating that provides a firm but comfortable grip and prevents slipping.

This is a great advantage: The shaver comes with a magic holder, which is a small magnetic base that sticks to the wall of the shower stall with putty, regardless of the steam. You also get an extra cartridge, making this starter kit a good buy for $9.

Razor Flamingo

The Flamingo shaver has a more minimalist design than the Billie, but it also has features that set it apart. The shaving attachment is longer at the front than on other models and has rounded edges on the sides. This flattens the skin as the razor glides across it, making it easier to remove hairs. We found that it offers more control while shaving than other shavers, especially those with blades only and nothing else in the cartridge.

The cartridge has a built-in hinge that allows the handle to move 90 degrees. This makes it incredibly easy to shave in different directions on the armpits and legs, and minimizes the amount of twisting and bending that would normally be required to shave each spot. In addition, the handle has a non-slip coating and uneven underside, making it particularly comfortable to hold.

The shaver itself doesn’t come with a stand, but if you buy the shaving kit ($16, shopflamingo.com), you get a mini shaving cream, body lotion, and a shower hook you can attach to the wall. It stayed in place even after being removed and sewn shut several times.

Yes the people the simple safety razor in rose gold

Admittedly, this shaver has let our tester down a few times, but it was always so good that we’ll just call it a learning curve. If you’ve never used a safety razor before, welcome to the club. It took a few minutes to assemble the razor, but otherwise it was simple – just unscrew the handle, put the blade on the head, and then reattach the handle.

We were especially pleased with the detailed information on the Oui the People website, which walks beginners through the entire process, from unpacking the materials to rinsing off the shaving cream. The Oui the People shaver comes with 10 individually packaged blades that are stored in a small box with a slot to safely insert the used blades. But we were disappointed that there was no storage option to keep it nice (and safe) in the shower.

As experienced amateurs may already know, safety razors require a special approach: The weighted head does most of the work for you, so you don’t have to put in any effort. A light touch was enough to get a comfortable grip on the textured metal handle, which never felt slippery. But old habits are hard to unlearn and our tester suffered two scratches, one on the knee and the other on the back of the lower calf. It’s a very different way of shaving – short, light strokes over small areas – and takes some getting used to. But it may be worth learning: It was the smoothest shave we’ve ever seen, and even removed a stubborn hair that was about to become an ingrown. It didn’t cause any razor burn and the razor itself is brilliant. If you have the time and patience, you’ll get as close as you can to a perfect shave.

We shaved and dabbed with these razors for two months, testing each one at least three times. We have used them on different parts of the body to satisfy all possible applications. In our evaluation, we looked at all aspects of the shaving experience, from how the shaver looks in the shower to how close the shave is.

We didn’t test the best electric shavers for women or the best facial shaver for women, but limited ourselves to classic shavers.

To evaluate these different factors, we have developed a rubric which we have divided into functionality, construction possibilities, sustainability and X factors such as cost:


  • The rigor of shaving: We checked to see if there was any thatch left and if we had to go over it several times to get it completely smooth.
  • Skin Irritation : Was the razor too abrasive? Redness and a burning sensation are two signs we noticed immediately after shaving and within an hour.
  • Her constipation: We have found that the blades get clogged too often and require constant rinsing. Blockages can affect the cleanliness and thoroughness of your shave.
  • Performance characteristics: We’ve included features that aren’t essential, but are nice to have, like the special contoured pattern, moisturizing strips or built-in soap, as well as all the physical parts that make shaving easier.


  • Comfort: Does the handle sit well in your hand, especially when shaving in different directions for areas like armpits and bikini line?
  • Catch! Nobody wants to drop their razor while shaving. So we looked for materials that would make it adhere better and minimize slippage.
  • Aesthetics: Like it? If you (and everyone who has access to your shower or bathtub) has to look at it every day, it can be cute.


  • Casual wear: The shaver may look great the first time you use it, but we checked to see if it gets dirty or dull after a few weeks in the shower. This was especially important for shavers with integrated soap.
  • Signs of damage: We put the razors in the shower several times and stepped on them to see if the whole razor could withstand the pressure – if the cartridge had fallen out, if the handle had broken, or if the razor just didn’t work. We also left the razor blades in a glass of water for a week to see if the blades would rust.


  • Value: The more cartridges that come with your shaver, the higher our rating. We love shavers that deliver value for money.
  • Storage options : We don’t like it when razor blades get stuck on the edge of the tub. That’s why we’ve been looking for convenient storage options to let razor blades air dry without getting dirty, whether it’s in a plastic container or a magnetic shower holder.

Using the testing methods described above, we gave each shaver a score in each sub-category, then combined these numbers to get the maximum score in each category, and finally added these numbers together to get a final total score. We divided the points as follows:

  • The houses were given a score of up to 50 points: Clean shave (15), Skin irritation (15), Blade lock (10), Special features like pivoting head, Contour, Moisturizing strips (10)
  • The assembly was awarded a maximum of 20 points: Ease of use (10), slip resistance of handle (5), appearance (5).
  • Durability has a maximum of 20 points: daily use (5), signs of damage (15).
  • The X-factors could receive a maximum of 10 points: Costs (5), storage solutions (5).

Athena Club The Razor Kit ($9; athenaclub.com)

We really liked the slightly thicker handle and compact, rounded pattern of this subscription product, and it’s great for smaller areas like the armpits. But the cartridge fell off several times when it fell, and we would have liked some protrusions on the grip for more control.

Chic Silk Touch-Up facial shaver ($6.65 for three; amazon.com).

If there was a category for faces, this would be a big winner. It removes hair on the upper lip in one minute, is easy to use and, since it comes in a pack of three, at a good price.

Gillette Venus Swirl Flexiball ($11.34; amazon.com)

This razor has become our favorite of all the Gillette Venus variants because it provides a very close shave. However, there was no memory included, and the coil doesn’t seem to have done much for versatility and handling.

Solimo 5-blade shaver for women ($18.87; amazon.com)

With a total of 12 cartridges and a shower holder, this shaver offers the best value for money. We noticed some hair and slight irritation after shaving, for which we deducted points, but otherwise it was comfortable to use thanks to the rubberized handle.

Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor ($12.58; amazon.com).

We loved the versatility of this hybrid shaver and trimmer, and the fact that it has a rechargeable battery is very convenient. The only disadvantage is that the thicker handle (for the trimmer) is not so comfortable in the hand and the razor does not shave very smooth.

Gillette Venus Extra Smooth Sensitive Razor ($12.99; amazon.com)

We liked that, as expected, this product was gentle enough for sensitive skin and did not cause irritation. In addition, it is virtually indestructible and stands up well to daily use. However, the blades did not shave as smoothly as we would have liked.

Joy Razor ($10; joyandglee.com)

Available individually or by subscription, this shaver gave us one of the cleanest shaves of any shaver we tested, and it holds up very well with daily use. But we also noticed some irritation, and we didn’t think it looked pretty in the shower.

Gillette Venus Smooth Original Razor ($7.72 for razor and two refills; amazon.com)

We noticed a little irritation on our armpits after shaving with this product and had to repeat the process to remove all the hairs. However, we liked the relatively small, curved pattern, which makes it easy to maneuver around contours, and the comfortable handle.

Gillette Venus ComfortGlide White Tea Mini ($14.70; amazon.com)

The built-in soap cubes are very handy – no need for shaving gel here – but we found them to fade a bit after the first use. Nevertheless, we appreciated the availability of multiple patterns and the ease of storage. The reliable choice for travel.

Gillette Venus Snap Extra Smooth Razor ($6.49; amazon.com)

This mini shaver and case are comfortable enough for travel, but we found the short, round handle difficult to grip and less comfortable to use than the usual long handles. However, it shaves quite smoothly and comes in an easy to pack case.

Schick Intuition Sensitive Care Razor ($9.99; amazon.com).

A built-in shaving soap is certainly effective, but it makes the whole design a bit heavy. We found it too big for armpits, so it’s more suited to shaving larger areas like legs.

Maapilim Safety Razor ($52; maapilim.com)

This safety razor is highly rated in terms of shaving performance and aesthetics, but we were disappointed that there are no blades or instructions in the kit, even on the website. This can only be useful for experienced safety shavers.

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