Beasts, based on the critically acclaimed manga series by Paru Itagaki, is a shonen anime that addresses themes of multiculturalism, diversity, and human nature. Het speelt zich af in een wereld bevolkt door verstedelijkte menselijke dieren.

The story follows a young black wolf named Legosi. After looking into the eyes of a white dwarf rabbit, Haru, he decides to become the protector of all herbivores. The anime comes out on the 10th. Begins in October 2019. The second season of Beasts began on the 5th. January 2021 will be distributed. Here’s what we’ll be saying for the next few days.

Beasts Season 2 Episode 11 Air Date

Beasts airs episode 2 of season 11 on the 18th. Starts in March 2021. The anime was developed by Orange Studios, with Shunsuke Hosoi, Hyontae Kim, Kiyotaka Waki and Yoshinori Takeda (referring to Fuji TV) as creators. Shin’ichi Matsumi coordinated and Nanami Higuchi composed the episodes.

Where can you watch season 2 of Beasts?

The episodes of the second season of Beasts will air every Thursday on Netflix Japan. Japanese fans can also watch season 2 on Fuji TV +Ultra’s anime programming block. Either way, viewers outside of Japan will have to wait until July 2021 to see the second season of the anime. Fans of the series can watch the English-language broadcast of Beasts season 1 on Netflix. Versions with Spanish, Portuguese, German, French and Italian subtitles are available on Netflix in some dialect-dominant regions.

Beasts Season 2 Episode 11 Spoiler

In episode 10, Reese still thinks he did what Theme asked him to do. He prepares food for his roommates and himself. By the time one of his roommates realized the food was too spicy, Reese figured he’d lost his sense of taste since the night he’d eaten Tem. Elsewhere, Haru visits Legosi and reveals that she adores him before expressing that she is stressed because of Louis. Legosi assures her that he will not leave her unhappy alone for the rest of the time.

Reese gets Pina alone in the bathroom and jeopardizes her results when she and Legosi continue to ruin her relationship with Tam. Bevor er geht, saugt er an Pinas Finger und analysiert seinen Duft zu Nektar, was Dall-Schafe aufschreckt. Dann, im Show-Club, hält Pina einen energischen Vortrag und verkündet, dass er keine Angst vor dem Tod hat.

Ibuki gives the gun to Free and advises him to shoot if Ibuki attacks Louis at any point. Währenddessen haben Reese und Legosi einen schrecklichen Kampf, der plötzlich endet, als der Hausmeister auftaucht. They will guarantee themselves that it will be a success at Silvester. Later, Legosi admits to Goheen that he has no chance of winning. That episode ends, when Gohin says there is a way to break the solidarity of the legions. In Folge 11, Gohin can do something good, to increase Legosi’s potential, and Louis can connect with Haru.

Preview of Beastars S2 Episode 11 (Episode 23) – Broadcast on Wednesday, 17. Mars!

– Beasts (@beastarsanime) 11. March 2021

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