Josh Gordon, the suspended receiver, says he’s still in the right frame of mind and is training in hopes of playing in the NFL again.

In the Adam Schefter podcast, Gordon said that he is currently training at Ford Sports Performance in Bellevue, Washington, to be ready for any team that wants to contract him. When asked if he was clean, Gordon said yes, sir.

There is no way out in me, at least I am grateful for that, and knowing how to get back on track is my strength. What was considered my weakness, I can take credit for because it has helped me move forward in life, he said.

Josh Gordon talks about his past mistakes and how he has learned to prioritize what is most important to him. He also talks about how far he has come personally and what he plans to do with his life and career.

Gordon, who turns 30 next month, has said he wants to stay involved in football in some way, even if it means becoming a coach.

I know I have a lot to offer, a lot of knowledge about the game and a lot of experience. I’m not going to mess it up or throw it away and disrespect myself, he said.

Gordon said he has a good support system with his family and close friends, including Johnny Manziel, who give him motivation and show him how important the little things in life are.

He said that in the NFL’s substance abuse program, perfection is the key to maintaining a given career, and of course we know no one is perfect. But I try to improve and get as close to perfection as possible to play.

After his conditional reintegration into the NFL was revoked in January, Gordon joined the Football League Zappers last month to play with former Cleveland Browns teammate Manziel. His return to football ended when the Zappers were eliminated from the playoffs.

December 2019. The NFL suspended Gordon indefinitely for violating its policy against substance abuse and performance-enhancing drugs. It was Gordon’s sixth suspension since the 2013 season and fifth for some form of substance abuse, according to ESPN Stats & Information. Gordon was conditionally reinstated to the NFL in December and was scheduled to train with the Seattle Seahawks for the final two weeks of the regular season before his reinstatement was revoked.

I was dealing with a lot of guilt and shame. You know, an inner conflict with myself. My family used to do that too. So I had to deal with what was going on on several fronts. I was having a hard time… you know… I think about the problems of life and I think about the problems of the workplace, and I say it like this: How can I live together? Everyone seems to do this so easily, what makes me different? I think that’s what self-doubt is all about. And that, as you’ve seen in my career, can lead to low scores, he said.

Gordon asked what he would like to say to the teams listening to the podcast: Anyone can be very good at the game, but you don’t necessarily want to be seen as a… The hole, pardon my French, you know, off the field. That’s why I try to be as realistic as possible, so that what you see and hear is as honest as possible. I’m not saying I’m the fairest person, but at some point I learned that I needed to eliminate a bunch of bachelors from my life. So you have a man who is focused, at my age, at the end of my career, and more importantly, you have a great recipient.

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