Elijah Wood supports the idea of him and Daniel Radcliffe playing brothers (Photo: Rex)

Fans have long said that Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe look alike – and the star of The Lord of the Rings will play the brothers in the future.

The two characters appeared on the cover of a joint Empire magazine called When Harry Met Frodo to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter franchise, which made their resemblance even greater.

Elijah, 40, teased the cover and wrote: I’m thrilled to have met Daniel Radcliffe for a new issue of @empiremagazine to talk about 20 years of The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.

Fans were excited to see their two worlds compete and tweet each other: Frodo Potter is real and the power of this image. Frodo and Harry!

A fan told the actor: You’d have to play the !!!! brothers he teased, not excluding the role of Daniel’s 31-year-old older brother, he adds: That would be very nice.

The latest issue of Empire celebrates the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Lord of the Rings.

Empire said of the special edition: Empire first brought Wood and Radcliffe together for an interview and photo shoot (far away, Covid-like). They talked about their experiences in the biggest fantasy saga of the ’00s, their memories of playing Frodo and Harry, and how these movies changed everything in their lives and careers and in the Hollywood landscape.

Although Elijah responded to fans on Twitter, Daniel did not participate in the conversation because he does not have an account on the site.

He recently posted a series of Hot Ones on YouTube: I would like to say that there is an incredibly thoughtful intellectual reason for this, because I have been thinking about joining Twitter, and I know 100% that if I did, you would all wake up to stories like this: Dan Radcliffe argues with a random person on Twitter.

When I was younger, which thankfully is no longer the case, I wanted to look at the comments on the internet about myself and read them that way.

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It’s crazy and bad. And for me, like Twitter and all the rest, it’s kind of an extension of that. Unless I only read the good things about me, which would be just as unhealthy.

That said, I don’t think I’m strong enough, but I can live with that for now.

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MORE: Daniel Radcliffe isn’t strong enough on social media and thinks he’s going to argue with random people on Twitter.

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