Dele Alli looks on during Tottenham's match against Brentford.

Tottenham don’t stand a chance: Dele Alli was an unused substitute against Fulham (Photo: Getty).

Dele Alli risked the wrath of Tottenham boss Jose Mourinho by voicing his unhappy reaction by staying on the bench after the 1-1 draw with Fulham.

Mourinho hinted that Alli might have a key role to play after an impressive individual performance in Tottenham’s crushing FA Cup victory over Marin last weekend, but the midfielder disappointed again on Wednesday night.

Spurs had secured all three points when Harry Kane scored in the 25th minute. In the 29th minute, he headed in a beautiful cross from newcomer Sergio Regulon, arguably the best player at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Ivan Cavallero celebrates his goal for Fulham against Tottenham.

Cavaleiro’s header gave Fulham a point as they left the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (Photo: Getty).

The North Londoners failed to increase their lead when Son Heung-Min hit the post midway through the second half, and had to pay for their missed opportunities moments later when Ivan Cavaleiro’s header was stopped in the 74th minute.

Mourinho responded to Fulham’s equaliser by replacing Erik Lamela and Carlos Vinicius as the hosts looked desperate to win, but attacking options Gareth Bale, Lucas Moura and Alli remained on the bench to share the points.

Alli, who was probably unimpressed with the end of the game as an unused substitute this season, shared a rather dark selfie on Instagram as he returned home after the game.

Remove Alli's Instagram post after Tottenham's draw with Fulham.

A frustrated Dele Alli spoke out on Instagram shortly after Tottenham’s draw against Fulham.

The position is unlikely to suit Mourinho, who has been critical of Alli’s attitude and performance throughout the season and even accused the Englishman of causing problems for his team after Tottenham’s Carabao Cup victory over Stoke City.

Alli’s only Championship debut this season came against Everton in mid-September. The former MK Dons player was replaced at half-time the same day, just before Dominic Calvert-Lewin’s winning goal.

It is rumoured that Alli could join his former coach Mauricio Pochettino at Paris Saint-Germain before the end of January. The Ligue 1 champions are said to have come up with a number of measures to convince Spurs to part with their player.


Mourinho criticised his players after the draw (Picture: Getty)

After Tottenham’s draw with Fulham, a disappointed Mourinho criticised his players for not deciding the match when they had the chance against their London rivals.

Once again we are conceding a goal that could have been completely avoided, the Portuguese told Amazon Prime Video.

I have to admit they played more in the second half. They lost and tried, but Hugo Lloris didn’t save and we didn’t kill the game. Once again, we lose the man in the corner.

We have many ways to kill the game. Other times, especially away, we win, but we don’t have the ambition to score and finish the game.

Some things are individual. There are things that are individual qualities and individual mistakes. That’s all I can say.

His son looks on during Tottenham Hotspur's draw with Fulham.

Son hit the post a few minutes before Fulham’s equaliser (Photo: Getty)

Tottenham Hotspur’s head coach told Sport: We were supposed to turn the game around and we didn’t, but you have to keep a clean sheet and not make mistakes, so it was a very avoidable goal.

The markers are there, there wasn’t even a numerical advantage.

They’ve been smart enough to understand how they play, they change, they become more defensive and they get results.

I thought they had some luck, but they were good. We have bad results, and we need – and can – avoid those results.

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Tottenham were relegated to sixth place, while Manchester City moved up to third after beating Brighton 1-0 in another match on Wednesday.

Fans will be hoping for a positive reaction this weekend when they travel to Bramall Lane to take on relegated Sheffield United in the Premier League.

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