Red Dead Online on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, PC and Google Stages is not in the best of shape right now, at least if the game’s vocal fanbase on Twitter is to be believed. Rockstar Games has today released a new online content update for Red Dead Online that will bring free items to Red Dead Redemption 2 players. But despite the freebies, players are not very happy.

It seems that to celebrate Easter this weekend, Rockstar Games is giving all players who play this week a special package that includes the following: five cannonballs, three wild carrots, two potential drugs, five special horse carriers, and three chocolate bars.

There are also bonuses for the Naturalist, Bounty Hunter and Collector roles, as well as various time-limited discounts. That’s it. The game’s update once again introduces what gamers often call meaningful content, and so once again gamers are not very happy.

At the time of publication, most reactions to Rockstar Games’ official tweet announcing the update for this week are negative. Players complain about unnecessary updates and a lack of content to keep them in the game. And of course there are people asking the million dollar question about GTA 6.

Upgradeable when?

Give the ability to have two characters in rdro,

Fixed infinite loading screen when selling an item.

Reversing the decline in gold payments to meet daily challenges

Give PC players the contents of the Outlaw Passport 1 or the ability to obtain it.

And for God’s sake, give RDO a decent upgrade.

– ❧┇ (@AtAngelsEnd) March 30, 2021

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Drowning in boredom

For the love of God, Rockstar, post something worthwhile after all this time. We’re drowning in boredom. If you, I don’t know, take away houses or farms – seriously, 88% of the community will resist and enjoy the game again.

– Paul π (@thegraffix8) March 30, 2021

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@RockstarGames you have good stuff more than that, these bonuses are not a good reason to play this week, we have with everything in the game, we need something to keep our minds on playing this game about 8 hours a day like in the good old days.

– RժR ϲմӏեմRҽ (@RDRCulture) March 30, 2021

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Dull and uninteresting

Boring, uninteresting, and another reminder that you’re eating at RDO. This is not an upgrade or an event where we just balance the pricing model for clothing and missions.

Do something new or improve the campaign features we don’t have yet.

– Mike (@Darminian) 30. March 2021

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What is the purpose of the game?

I stopped playing… What’s the point… give us some meaningful content …. Avocado sandwich or anything else….

– Thechiz (@Thechiz4) March 30, 2021

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does not play against

I’m not playing this game until you care.

– Young OG (@YoungOGBurner12) March 30, 2021

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Not specified

In fact, I uninstalled it today. You’d have to do something very different to ask me to reinstall. Too much of the same. There’s nothing innovative going on here.

– Lord Nelson (@LordN33lson) March 30, 2021


frequently asked questions

How can I request a free skin change in Red Dead Redemption online?

To change the appearance of your character in Red Dead Online, simply left-click on the D-Pad to open the Free Roam menu. Then you need to select the online options and then scroll down. The first time you change your appearance for free, but if you want to change it again, it costs gold or silver.

How do I fix the 0x20010006 error in Red Dead Redemption online?

red-dead ransom, like….

Is Red Dead online boring?

2. The online game feels empty and boring compared to the campaign. The world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is not only a huge and beautiful landscape, but also vibrant cities and well-drawn NPCs, full of interesting missions and incredible stories.

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