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Bronny James again makes the social media headlines, and this time something big happened that caught the attention of all NBA fans. LeBron’s eldest son James talked about Instagram and liked the picture of Larsa Pippen.

It’s not clear that he actually took pictures with Scotty Pippen’s ex-wife, but Bronny didn’t hesitate to leave things as they were and let people know that he liked the picture. This is nothing new or strange, because Larsa is a beautiful woman, but the last person you would think deserves to be photographed is Bronnie James.


NBA fans noticed it and went crazy on Twitter. They made jokes about Bronny, his impertinence, LeBron’s reaction and much more.

Bronny after windmill dive on Scottie Pippen Jr. pic.twitter.com/4wuaoWe8sE

– Jimmy (@jimmy_koski) 25 December 2020

Bronny when he sees Larsa pic.twitter.com/4aJ16kmevi…

– NB (@N1NOBROWN) 25. December 2020

Scotty Pippen Jr. Yo Bronnie, why do you like a picture of my mother pic.twitter.com/k9kwpmmaNe?

– Richard Long (@mr_buddylove) 25 December 2020


– Baby (@trey32brown) 24. December 2020

Bronny when LeBron asked him if he had hit their DM pic.twitter.com/RKIrCDcGJc.

– Stevie (@steviesburner2) 25. December 2020

Bronny sees Scotty Jr: pic.twitter.com/Sw7heiUdYm

– Melvin Purdy (@MLVNPRDY) 25 December 2020

Damn Bronny!

– Mookie (@TheMookieBets) 24 December 2020

It only makes it worse.

– Coach Bauman (@coachDBaughman) 25 December 2020

Scotty Pippen Jr. when he takes a bronze without pic.twitter.com/OqmTvPqfPX

– Kavencci (@thatboiKavencci) 25. December 2020

It’s funny, Bronnie and the boys are friends! Bronn will get Bronny if he doesn’t stop! The kid knew how Twitter and IG were set up!

– RSprag1 (@RSprag1) 25. December 2020

Bronny will be with Larsa in six years.

– k3vin doo (@kevinsss4) 25 December 2020


– Aaron Jackson (@airjaxx) 25. December 2020

Bronnie sees the pressure

– A.J. ☠ (@AloysiusJetson) 24 December 2020

Broni salt for that.

– MambaLakers (@mentaldome) 25. December 2020


– Isaac (@Cicatricile) 25. December 2020

Scotty wasn’t fit for this world. I don’t think doug has it easy. ….

– LOOT FLYWALKER ♿ TAPPED YUTE ☠ (@billyeatworlddd) 25 December 2020

Imphowww, my God, you really have it all.

– (@ladidaix) 25. December 2020

Bronny’s been in the news for a few months. He was seen smoking a stupid marijuana, which gave him more jokes from his fans, and now he’s done the same as Larsa’s picture.

Pippen, on the other hand, is also under fire for his recent behaviour. Recently she was seen with Malik Beasley in hand, which resulted in the end of Beasley’s marriage. Larsa is not the quietest woman in the NBA and this is yet another entry on the list of incidents in which she has been directly or indirectly involved.

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