(Miami CBS) – The game known as the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party will resume this Saturday when Florida’s No. 8 meets Georgia’s No. 5 at the TIAA bank in Jacksonville, Florida. As usual, the SEC game of the treatment week will be broadcast on CBS with Brad Nessler, Gary Danielson and Jamie Erdal on a 15:30 start call. Eastern time on CBS.

This year’s competition, as in previous years, will probably determine the winner of the SEC Eastern Division. In the last three seasons Kirby Smart and the Georgian Bulldogs have won.

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Division. This time Dan Mullien’s team hopes to change that. For Kirby Smart it’s all about staying the course, while Mullen and his team have to avoid some of the mistakes that cost them last year, according to Rick Neuheisel, football analyst at CBS Sports College.

Whatever Kirby Smart has done in this game since he took over in Georgia, he has to keep doing what he’s doing because he’s been brilliant. Dan Mullen? It’s not much, Neuheisel said. And when I look back over a year, I remember the confusion on the sidelines, whether he and his assistants had come into play, whether they couldn’t stand in line, whether they had to take time-outs, whether they had to take calls with illegal procedures. Such things can’t happen in a game of this magnitude. We need to calm down. He should be calm. And when you start thinking about what’s at stake, sometimes the emotional side of things makes it very difficult to achieve something. Serenity is the order of the day.

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Serenity is what Florida’s senior quarterback Kyle Trask seems to be this season. In four games he covered more than 1,300 yards with 18 touchdowns and only two interceptions and made 68.3 percent of his passes. The Florida Pass Tournament was one of the best of the season and finished seventh with 342.8 yards per game. But that goes against the defense of the Bulldogs, who this year has been one of the best units against the pass, making 215 meters or less possible for any opponent except Alabama.

However, there are some major injuries in the backfield, which gives Neuheisel an advantage in this game when attacking Florida.

At least I think it was originally in Georgia’s favor. But now I’m afraid you’ve disabled LeCont. He had an accident. You got Sina out. He’d been hurt before. We’re gonna miss those guys. And you also saw how the Florida bombing exploded with the development of Kyle Trask. Trask is 18 touchdown passes in just four games, which are Joe Barrow’s numbers, said Neuheisel.

The numbers were impressive, and if it goes through this week, says Neuheisel, Florida’s oldest will have to talk to Heisman.

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If he can hold that against that Georgian defense, people will talk about Kyle Trask in this Heisman Trophy race the same way they talk about Lawrence, Fields and Jones, Neuheisel, said.

Trask also benefits from the fact that next year’s NFL selections are likely to be the first selection round in Kyle Pitts’ inner circle. This year the Juniors had 22 strikes of 355 meters and seven touchdowns. Neuheisel describes him as a unique athlete and praises Pitts for his ability to influence the game in both blocking and passing.

He can certainly handle his work at the finish line as a mile blocker, and he can provide protection. They use it in a way

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A way to start the game, but also an ace if there is so much cover that they can go somewhere else with the ball. But the man’s ability to open up, whether it’s a security, a corner or a linebacker, is strange, Neuheisel said. Kyle Trask has the luxury of not having to worry about coverage, he can open Pitts. He can just throw it into a big body that is athletically competitive and play games, whether on the back shoulder, in front of him or over his head. We’ve seen him do it all in just four games. The sample size is large enough to know that these will be the first 10 projects when the NFL meets again in April to maintain this part of its schedule.

On the other hand, the ball hits the opponent in the Georgian attack as usual with a running game. The Bulldogs have an average of 42 pursuit attempts per race and 175 yards in those attempts (4.2 YPC). But their passive play has been discovered in the last two weeks under quarterback Stetson Bennett IV. Former participant Neuheisel says he is a Bennett-fan because he knows how difficult it can be for a participant to become a starter. But if the last inconsistencies and moves are not eliminated, he will see an advantage in favor of Florida.

It’s the side of the ball that will determine the game, said Neuheisel. In the last six quarter finals, in the second half against Alabama and then against Kentucky, they scored a total of 14 points. And they had five bullets. That has to change or the office will have a hard day for Georgia.

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Now that Florida tends to take advantage of both the attack and the defense, Neuheisel seems to be leaning towards the alligators, who will end the loss of the Bulldogs. He says he is, but there’s one crucial point.

My thinness is, but I say it with a lot of shaking, and that’s why. Because Georgia knows how to beat Florida. This group of players from Florida don’t know how to beat Georgia. Kyle Trask is still a relatively young quarterback, after everything we’ve talked about, according to Neuheisel. And he needs to play a monstrous game in this place and stand above the tide. All he has to do is take this team on his shoulder and say Follow me, I’ll lead you to victory. If he does, we’ll be talking about Kyle Trask from a completely different angle than we are now.

Bulldogs are the favourites with 3.5 points per day. The start is scheduled for 15.30 hours. Eastern time on CBS.

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