LANDOVER, you idiot. — Alex Smith returned to where he was two years ago, for his terrible leg injury: He started with the quarterback in D.C.

Washington soccer coach Ron Rivera announced that Smith will begin next week in Detroit with Dwayne Haskins, who moved up to second place after starter Kyle Allen injured his left ankle on Sunday. According to the source, Allen sprained his ankle during the 23-20 loss of the New York Giants in Washington and suffered a minor fracture. Rivera will only say after the game that Allen sprained his ankle, but we need to talk more with the coaches.

This will be Smith’s first launch since the 18th century. His injuries will occur in November 2018, when the calf bone and tibia of his right leg were broken. That’s why he slipped into Allena’s shoes on Sunday.

Smith said I have a lot of emotions now. I knew Kyle fell, and I knew it was bad as soon as he fell. You get ready to wave and suddenly you see them take out the cast and the car. I know that routine well. I’m trying to lock him up, but I feel sorry for Kyle.


But he said he didn’t think what it would mean to start over.

I enjoy every day and keep making progress and improving, Mr Smith said. I’m grateful for that. This is an extra step. I’m incredibly excited about Kyle. … For me, I’m on a roll. It’s all I can think about. I’m gonna take this opportunity.

Allen took over for Haskins in week five. When Allen came out of the race, Smith almost led his team to victory. Unfortunately for Smith and Washington, those odds died when he threw high to send J.D. McKissic back to the New York 44-yard line. The ball separated from his hands and fell into the hands of the Giants’ Jabrill Pepper at the end of the match, who took care of safety. On his next possession, Smith threw his third best game when New York City won.

After Allen was sent away with an injury in the first quarter, Smith made 24 of 32 passes at 325 meters and a touchdown with three steals.

Washington fell to 2-6 and gave a heavy blow to their search for relevance in the eastern NFC races.

Washington parked 10-0 when Allen was injured and dug a two-turn hole in the first quarter. Smith’s first two rides didn’t go well, although the first one was delayed by three red zone fines.

But Smith was an effective help. He made 17 of his first 20 touchdown and interception passes. The latter happened when his receiver slipped and fell when the ball was released with Washington on the 18-yard line of the Giants.

Even if Smith hasn’t moved as well as he used to, he can still operate in his pocket and walk away if necessary. At the end of the third and second half Smith slipped out of his pocket and secured his left hand, only to come back to the right with pressure on his face and partner with McKissick for a 5-yard win. But under pressure, Smith fell back in the fourth and his shot, intended for McKissick, was intercepted by Peppers. Later, with the ball in his possession, Logan Ryan took a pass into midfield; Smith called it a failure in the 101st quarterback and threw it into the penalty area late in the game.

I was very happy with [Smith’s performance], Rivera said. It was exciting to see him come out and do what he does. Unfortunately he tried to do everything with eavesdropping equipment, and unfortunately something bad happened.

Smith also threw the field aggressively on the ground, partly because he was available and partly because Washington was 17 points behind in the first half. In the fourth quarter, Smith threw himself into the narrow window of Terry McLauren’s receiver in the first down, who met Isaac Yadom’s Corner Giants but bounced back and jumped into the end zone for a score of 68 yards.

It was Smith’s first touchdown since the 11th. November 2018.

It’s always fun to score a touchdown, and that was a long time ago, Smith said. I didn’t do much in that case; Terry helped me and made an incredible game.

Smith also seems to feel much more comfortable than he did in his first appearance of the season, when he faced Allen’s injury in a five-minute defeat by the Los Angeles Rams. In this game, played in the pouring rain, Smith made 9 of 17 passes for 37 yards and was shot six times.

I wasn’t thinking about my leg. I wasn’t thinking about my leg, Smith said. I feel more and more comfortable and I feel better and better. It was definitely a pleasure to move and do what we wanted to do. I played faster.

Washington’s defense wasn’t very helpful either, because it allowed New York to walk 168 meters. But Smith’s three breaks, combined with two first-quarter losses for Isaiah Wright and Antonio Gibson, brought Washington to its knees.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Kyle Allen’s day was interrupted against the Giants on Sunday when the Washington starting quarterback was shot with a left ankle injury. Brad Mills/USA Today is sports day.

Allen’s injury occurred during his third possession in the game against Washington. The pepper shone on the 31-yard line of the Giants in the first game and gave Allen a left kick. Pepper was sentenced to 15 yards for playing.

Allen stayed on the field for a few minutes and had to be lifted off the ground in a pneumatic radius with his left lower foot and placed on the cart. The team members gathered around Allen almost immediately; one by one they approached him before the car arrived. He recognized the crowd as he left the field on the cart, raised his hand as they stood and applauded.

I don’t think it’s a dirty game, Rivera said. It’s a man trying to play. I was in that situation. Pepper’s a great player. He plays at 100 miles an hour.

Peppers said there were no bad intentions.

It all happened so fast, Mr. Peppers said. I tried to throw the bull back, but he climbed a little under me, so I tried to get him out. It was a strange game. I didn’t want to hit him on his feet, or whatever the punishment was. I was just trying to play hard and put him down.

Smith has replaced Allen with Haskins as the third quarterback. After Haskins got on the bench, Smith was promoted to number two in week 5 against Los Angeles Ramse.

Allen started his fourth game instead of Haskins. In the first three launches Allen made 68.8% of its transmissions with four landings and one interception. On Sunday he made 5 out of 7 passes in 62 yards before he got injured.

It hurt me because it was Kyle who came and tried to be ready for his moment, McLauren said. For the past few weeks, he’s been helping us set things in motion.

Jordan Raanan contributed to this report.

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