SANTA CLARA, California. – For the players of the San Francisco 49ers retiring in 2018, Thursday’s game probably brought up a lot of unwanted but familiar feelings.

Weakened by injuries and with a new twist by the COWID 19 pandemic that made the situation worse, the Niners opened the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night, losing 34 to 17 years to a Green Bay Packers shot and with a huge stock of $80.8 million in injuries.

Although the 49-year-olds (4-5) wanted to show courage and show the world that they shouldn’t be counted, this overwhelming reality remained: What remains of those 49 players is simply not enough to keep up with the most legitimate contenders in qualifying.

Without quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, George Kittle’s rearguard, who runs Rahim Moster, receivers Dibo Samuel, Brandon Ayuk and Kendrick Bourne, left winger Trent Williams, cornerback Richard Sherman, defenders Nick Bos and Dee Ford and others, the team that brought the Niners onto the field Thursday night was unrecognizable to the man who fought the Packers in two games last season. Everything you need this week
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We know how this happened in the first game, in which the Niners played without the mentioned players. It seems that the 49 observers will have to get used to this season in 2018.

Even if some of their main players come back at some point, it won’t be much easier. The nine came into the game Thursday with the third toughest remaining NFL program.

This means it might be time to come back in 2018, when Garoppolo was lost in the torn ACL. It was a painful move in the last 12 games, but it ended with the selection of the number 2 of the Bosa Niners.

The trip will not be so difficult with seven more games, but the consolation prize at the end probably won’t be so useful either. Now that the Niners already have four victories, it is very likely that they will not be involved in the selection of two of them.

But since the questions about the future of Garoppolo will probably be the biggest hot potato of the team, the positioning of the design should be more interesting than the games themselves.

Fault! The file name is not specified. Richie James put down a groundbreaking performance against the Packers. Ezra Shaw/Getty pictures

It’s a promising trend: Richie James had the chance to shine with three of the top 49 recipients. He took advantage of that when 184 yards scored nine strokes and a touchdown. The total was higher than James in each of his first two seasons in the league (130 yards in 2018, 165 yards in 2019).

The destruction of the Buy More: Mullens had some good times at first, but the fall of the River Cracraft catcher made the Niners happy with the field goal and from then on everything went to hell. Over a shaky defense without catching the best passes, Mullens tried to force multiple passes and spin the ball twice, stolen once and lost once. He finished 22 out of 35 in 291 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

Add another violation: Just before the break, Yakisky Tarth entered the dressing room with a leg injury and although his comeback was initially doubtful, he was sent away early in the third quarter. Tartt returned to his first match after a groin injury that prevented him from playing the last three games.

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