The percentages in this column are updated every Friday morning, and all players in the Panther Falcons game have been removed from the game since Thursday.

Every week of the NFL season, we will evaluate the resilience of fantasy football, especially for those of you who are looking for streaming opportunities in deeper formats (including IDP-leagues). These are the players who are available in most areas of the ESPN Fantasy League and have tempting matches to play next week that deserve to be considered for your team.

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Most commercial offers: Michael Thomas (207,252 records)
Thomas’s value remains a moving target as this week has seen the rise of some real commercial speculation. Saints only have fantastic opponents in December, so if you are patient, Thomas’ profile is like a play to ask.

The highest commercial acceptance rate : Aaron Rogers (10.9%)
Rogers recovered well after defeating the Texans for 6 weeks in a row. His departure is in the background, and it is difficult to discuss four home games over a period of five weeks, when they are most needed (weeks 12-16).

The highest failure rate: Antonio Brown (97%)
The idea of adding Brown and doing business with him is easier said than done. Although there is a significant risk to defeat the former All-Pro, the Bucs close the season with four straight games against the defense of the last seven teams against the fantasy WR.

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Although you may see some overlap with the Pickup Field Yates column, which is published on Monday, an important difference is that the options mentioned in this column only focus on this week’s games and not on the players’ scores for the rest of the season.

Do you need options to replace injured players? Or is it just the depth that matters to you? The NFL Nation Fantasy analysts and reporters will work with me to identify a number of names, some of which will be selected weekly for review.

Here are some of our favorites from week eight:


Jimmy Garoppolo, San Francisco 49 persons (26.0% employed; Seahawks)

Speaking of a historically generous pass defense for an effective attack, this line-up for Garoppolo should see how well he rebounded from last week’s bad fantasy show. Seattle’s in 29th place under pressure, so Jimmy G should be able to drop out. Even with an exhausted reception team and a thin base line in this soft game, there are still enough players to support Garoppolo. -J.M.


Carlos Hyde, Seattle Hawks (up 44.9%; up 49)

I know Hyde isn’t a very interesting young back with breakthrough potential, but fortunately there’s no such thing as style glasses in the imagination. And he definitely needs to get the tape before Chris Carson goes off the air. Hyde had 15 carriers at 68 yards and TD in the 7th. week – not to mention the 1070 yards in Houston last season. Brady Henderson, a reporter for the ESPN Seahawks, said they have a few other passport diggers they can use in rotation, but they especially liked Hyde in a free desk because he has the size and physical attributes to get close to what Carson Seattle gives in the early passport lobbies. -Mike Triplett, reporter for the NFL National Saints.

Zack Moss, Buffalo Beals (36.5% on the list; against the Patriots)

In the past week Moss has become much more effective than his classmate Devin Singletari, and with almost the same touch and speed to win the jets, he seems to be growing up in the buffalo field. After having received support in this room for the second week in a row, there are some important positive points that the newcomer should take into account. Moss was central at the beginning of the season, while the team has rarely used the Singletarium in such scenarios since the beginning of last season. Another corner in his favor – New England fought back against the attack, allowing a generous 4.6 meters for transfer to the backfields and more than 24 fantasy points for the game on the backfields, leaving room for the two Buffalo Towers to flirt with flexibility this weekend. -J.M.

Broadband receivers

Brandon Ayuk, San Francisco 49 persons (57.0% employed; for Seahawks)

2 Related

This week’s talented newcomer has everything he needs. It was the best performance of his career against the solid defense of the New England Patriots. Dibo Samuel misses week eight due to injury and 49 players meet a second Seahawks for the most fantastic points of the season (one mile). -Tom Carpenter, editor of ESPN Fantasy. -Tom Carpenter, editor of ESPN Fantasy.

The project of the first round, which has just reached its potential in week seven, is quite tempting. But let’s face it: Samuel, the first recipient of the 49. Dibo, is expected to miss the game this week because of a hamstring injury. Then consider that San Francisco must face the fragile Seahawks Pass defense, which has ensured the most fantastic WR points this season so far. Finally, ESPN 49er journalist Nick Wagoner said that Iyuk had felt more comfortable in recent weeks and had played a greater role in the attack. It doesn’t make sense, like an 8-week course with the possibility of being a horseshoe and a long-term supplement.

The people of Donovan – Jones, Cleveland Brownes (1.6% backwards; against looters)

If you play in a 12-14 team league with a different result than PPR, I will look like WR3/4. The newcomer from Michigan scored all three goals of 56 meters and won the game against the Bengals in week 7. And with Odell Beckham Jr., who injured his knee during the season, the Peoples-Jones will have a beep in the Cleveland-3WR set. It has the ability to create explosive games, and there will be opportunities against the Raiders’ defense system, which is very heavy in the area. -Matt Bowen, writer and NFL analyst. -Matt Bowen.

Preston Williams, Miami Dolphins (33.2% in the register; against Rams)

When you scan a wire, you want to flip it over, and what could be better than an oversized receiver with a new look? Williams has scored in three of the last four games and logic suggests that the Rams will do their utmost to pick up the first reading of Tua Tagovayloa in DeWant Parker. With Los Angeles on a short break and Miami having to say goodbye, you’re looking for a creative game plan to get that 6-legged athlete in the right place for your starting flag bearer. -Kyle Soppe, ESPN fantasy investigator. -Oh, yeah.


Tray Burton, Indianapolis foal (8.9% riding; for Lemberg)

Saying goodbye to the Colt last week seemed to be Burton’s performance in round 6. of the fantasy market. Since his return from the injury, Burton has been a major target for Philip Rivers, and his creative efforts have even helped him score a goal on the field in the epic comeback against the Bengalis a few weeks ago. The next step is an encounter with the Seven Lions, well lit at the narrow ends, but Burton’s healthy share of focus should support another strong performance.

Richard Rogers, Philadelphia Eagles (21.5% in registers; versus cowboys)

The Eagles rely on their narrow ends to move the chains more than any other team in the league. Even when Philadelphia fell on the third row of the depth chart due to injuries, Rogers was awarded eight goals last week. Then there is the Dallas protector, which allows you to wear 14.8 stylish glasses with narrow ends. In a particularly favorable week for streamers in this position, Rogers is one of the most profitable considering its place in such a user-friendly program.

Defence Forces / Special Operations (D/ST)

Denver Broncos (30.2% of burners; versus shippers)

Denver’s defense in the last three misses was 14 sacks, and prior to the meeting with the leaders this season was solid in terms of points allowed. Despite the fact that newcomer Justin Herbert was still pretty cool, it should be noted that the Chargers lost third place due to the level of pressure from the opponent in the league, which gave this group some potential to play.

New Orleans Saints (52.9% horses; bears)

The Saints have been fighting the Bucs since the opening for a big defense, but this season in Chicago they had to go on the offensive and try to move the ball because the Bears are below the bottom of the five in both lines of attack and get points for the game.

Individual defence players (IDPs)

Line of defence

Brandon Graham, Philadelphia Eagles (13.8% on file; versus cowboys)

With two big games in a row and Graham warming up from the edge, this game against the Dallas patchwork forward line has the potential for a big line of a proven veteran. -J.M.


Dr. Greenlow, San Francisco 49ers (4.5% stocky; Seahawks)

Throughout the season, 49 players were injured in the first seven games, giving a bigger role to players like Greenlow. He has played at least six games in three consecutive games, and as he often goes on the field, chances are he will extend this series to four games.

Defensive back

Ryan Neil, Seattle Hawks (8.4% Mounted; versus 49)

Seventeen ordinary grenades in the past two weeks indicate that Neal is very focused in the passive game and help prevent runners from passing the top seven. With a unique goal stability and catching speed, Neil is well placed this week against his 49ers.-JM opponent.

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