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This year, the Los Angeles Lakers won the NBA title pretty easily, given the way they handled things in the playoffs. Lebron James has been MVP all season and Anthony Davis has made it clear that he is by far the best big man in the NBA. With the support of a team that played hard and had good team chemistry, the Lakers have never played a game before. This year’s championship is in 17th place. Place of the Lakers in the NBA and 4th place in the NBA Ring for Lebron James.

The Lebrons, led by the Lakers, still need to win at least two NBA rings to officially become a dynasty. It takes more than the size of Lebron James and Anthony Davis. The Lakers have to take a step to get a third star to stand out from the rest of the pack in the west. Teams like the Clippers, Heat and the returning Golden State Warriors are all striving for the throne.

Here are some realistic and unrealistic scenarios for the Lakers to get a third star.

Unrealistic scenarios

Devin Booker – Trading (via the Republic of Arizona)

Devin Booker is coming, ladies and gentlemen. He has already shown that he is a special player, because two years ago he lost 70 points in a game and only gets better as an attacker. Booker can shoot the lights, attack the edge and create space for movement without the bullet. Booker, with LeBron and Davis, is the best way for him to win the rings, but the Phoenix Suns won’t trade Booker for a company built around Kyle Kuzma. They’re not that stupid.

The Phoenix Suns could probably convince the Minnesota Timberwolves to say goodbye to their first overall choice of booker, so they probably don’t want Kuzma and other fillers the Lakers have to offer. Only one person can dream of a booker in the shape of a Laker, but that doesn’t happen.

Donovan Mitchell – Trade (via DraftKings Nation)

Utah jazz superstar Donovan Mitchell is a must for the Lakers. This season he dominated the playoffs and is clearly on his way to becoming a superstar. Mitchell of the Los Angeles Lakers will be the third and final game created by a rebel in the three-way competition. Donovan Mitchell has had a very good season this year, with an average of 24.0 PPG and would easily be the top runner-up. scorer for the team behind Anthony Davis.

Jazz doesn’t risk losing Mitchell to the peanuts if he asks for a late trade, and Kyle Kuzma will give them a basis for the future. The reason why this is unrealistic is that jazz is not in a hurry to make radical chords right now, and it can certainly get a better chord than simple Kuzma and role-playing. Mitchell would be a dream come true for the Lakers, but it won’t come true.

Giannis Antetokunmpo – Free agency 2021

The Lakers are already playing against Lebron James and Anthony Davis, two of the top five players in the NBA. LeBron dominates the game with points and play, and Davis does that at both ends. They’re just an indomitable duo, and next year they’ll come back for the NBA title. The addition of the MVP and the defender of the year Giannis Antetokounmpo would be ridiculous and they would probably win 2 or 3 titles together.

But that’s not realistic. Giannis Antetokunpo is a free agent in 2021 and has already expressed the wish to stay in Milwaukee. Although most NBA fans and media channels don’t believe it, it’s very hard to believe that Jiannis will sign with the Los Angeles Lakers next year. First of all, he’s good enough to lead the NBA team as a man to the NBA Championship. Second, why would he play with Lebron and Davis, both of whom are already causing a color mess? Antetoccunmpo is likely to join a team like the Lakers Warriors, which would make it unrealistic.

Realistic scenarios

Bradley Beale – Distribution

Commercial package : Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, Alex Caruso, Quinn Cook, 2020 No. 28 election.

It’s no secret that the Lakers wanted to include Bradley Beale in their superstar team with Davis and James, and Beale will definitely put them first as the best team in the NBA. Beal has dropped 30.5 PPGs this season, and he will be the Big Three Lakers, who are guaranteed to win at least one NBA title in the next two seasons, and perhaps more. Bill is an offensive superstar who will extend LeBron’s career by at least two seasons.

This agreement is all the more realistic because the wizards know Bill is too good for them, and they don’t want to lose him for nothing. For Washington, Kyle Kuzma would be the second star next to John Wall if the Wizards wanted to keep the lead. Kuzma has something unique in that, despite a bad year, he has complete confidence in himself and his abilities. As a striker who can score a lot of points, he has the possibility to become the number one or two of this team.

Chris Paul – Trade

Commercial package : Kyle Kuzma, Danny Greene, Centave Caldwell-Pop (signing and exchanging), Quinn Cook, Avery Bradley (player option), Javeil McGee.

Chris Paul joined the third team of the NBA All-Star Team and led Team Thunder of Oklahoma City in the 5th annual NBA All-Star Game. Meeting of the highly competitive Western Conference. As one of the best setters and clean leaders on the track, Paul Thunder almost led to a massive first-round victory over Houston’s beloved rockets. The Lakers would have liked to have had a third star who could have handled the ball and brought the Lebron to 35. Paul was able to dribble and let LeBron focus on the rims and take a step forward for most of the season.

The key to this realistic deal for the Lakers is Kyle Kuzma. OKC Thunder wants to rebuild after the departure of Russell Westbrook and Paul George to make room for kickers and young players. The only player left is Chris Paul, and having a young striker at the front is a huge boost to their recovery plans. Thanks to the distance between the floors, Kuzma fits well with Chai Gilgius-Alexander and Lugenz Dort, so this agreement could come true.

Zack Avalanche – Trade

Commercial package : Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green, Alex Caruso, 2020 #28.

The two superstars of Lakers, Lebron James and Anthony Davis, need a strong team of bombers and athletes to take their place on the field and attack at halftime. The Lakers have good shooters, but they certainly don’t have a counterattack at the level of Zack Avalanche. LaVine is a special young player who will soon become an All-Star, which means he will give the Lakers a third star to control the ball and score at will.

Once again, Kyle Kuzma will be the Lakers’ biggest bargaining chip to buy LaVine. Kuzma hasn’t been as consistent as the Lakers would have liked, but he has a lot of talent and everyone knows that. The Chicago bulls probably don’t want to lose LaVine for nothing, so they can pull the trigger for Kuzma to rebuild them. This deal is realistic if the police hope that Kuzma will be their long term answer to a forward position near Laurie Markkanen.



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