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28. December 2020. 6:16 p.m. Eastern Time's-Bide-Jitters-WSJ.5.jpeg

Yasuhide Nakayama in 2018.


Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg News.

In a 2020 campaign with little foreign policy content, the idea of

Joe Biden

reports that most of them are building alliances. What alliances? With less than four weeks to go before the inauguration of Biden, some allies in the Asia-Pacific region are suspect.

Last week the second-highest Japanese civil protection officer told Reuters: We fear that China will extend its aggressive stance to regions other than Hong Kong. I think one of the next targets, or the one everyone’s worried about, is Taiwan.

Yasuhide Nakayama

…and besides..: So far I have not seen a clear policy or announcement from Joe Biden in Taiwan. I would like to hear that soon and then we can also prepare our response to Taiwan. He also asked, according to Reuters: How will Joe Biden react in the White House, even if China crosses that red line?

Hardliners in Beijing regard Democratic Taiwan as a renegade province and are determined to take control of it. They also want Taiwan’s advanced microchip technology. Meanwhile, in Taiwan, they are opposed to reunification, mainly because China refuses to honour its treaty obligations by arresting pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong. Moreover, a Chinese military operation across the Taiwan Strait of 110 miles during Mr Biden’s term of office cannot be ruled out.

Losing Taiwan’s independence against his will would be a geopolitical earthquake. The balance of power in the Pacific will change decisively in favour of China. Asian countries will have to redirect their relations with the United States, with dramatic consequences for global security and trade.

The United States target should have a deterrent effect. Above all, this means that Taiwan must be armed, so that the island can make a Chinese invasion costly even without American reinforcements. The United States must continue to rely on Taiwan to modernise its military and civilian plans for defensive warfare.

The trump card government has significantly strengthened Taiwan’s American arsenal of weapons, including missiles, mines and drones. Nevertheless, China is likely to put pressure on Mr Biden to return to the presidency.

House of Obama

A compliance policy, perhaps with climate promises to sweeten the deal. China will also monitor whether Biden continues the current administration’s tendency to allow senior U.S. officials to visit Taiwan, a sign of America’s interest in Taiwan’s autonomy.

It is unlikely that Biden will explicitly oblige the United States to defend Taiwan, but Chinese threats and military maneuvers near the island are increasing. If Mr. Biden wants to appease the American allies in Asia, Taiwan is his first big test.

The Best of 2020 by Kim Strassel, Kyle Peterson, Mary O’Grady, Dan Henninger and Paul Gigot. Photo: Getty Images

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Published in the printed edition of 29. December 2020.

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