The new book tells us that Jérôme Lucas had radically different plans for a sequel to the Star Wars trilogy. After the purchase of the film Lucasfilm Disney released a trilogy that started with the film Awakening Power and ended last year with the film Skywalker Rise. There were a few details about what Lucas had in mind and they included Dark Maul in a very important way as he would have come back as the main villain.

Information from the archive of Star Wars, a new book by Paul Duncan. It was created in collaboration with George Lucas and Lucasfilm and focuses mainly on the creation of prequels. But Duncan has received fascinating information that he recently shared with Reddit, confirming that in this alternative version of the Star Wars episodes, Mol and a new student will return. This section reads as follows.

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Star Wars Darth Mol coached Darth Talon’s girlfriend, who was present in the comics as a schoolgirl. She was the new Darth Vader, and most of the action took place with her. So those are the two most important villains in the trilogy. In the end, Maul becomes the godfather of crime in the universe, because when the empire falls, he takes power.

Darth Mol made his debut in a distant galaxy in Phantom Threat, the first album of the previous trilogy. He was killed by Obi-Wan, or so it seems. As the fans of the Clone Wars know, he survived, was cut in half, got a pair of robot legs and took the path of revenge. Maul would have returned to the world of living action if George Lucas had done his version of Episodes VII, VIII and IX.

Remember, these are not assumptions or rumors taken from the words of others. This book was published in collaboration with Lucasfilm. It also includes an interview with George Lucas, pages with script and concept art. It’s a real bargain. The page published on Reddit also contained some details of the story. History could resurface a few years after the return of the Jedi and explore the so-called underworld, and Luke would try to restore the Jedi Order. In the meantime, Leia will work on the establishment of the Republic.

Films about how Leia… is trying to build a republic. They still have the Republican device, but they have to take over from the bandits. That was the main story.

Finally, Lucas will reform the Jedi, and the New Republic will be renewed. Paul Duncan also said that Leia the High Chancellor would be responsible for everything. Duncan goes on to say she’s finally become the one. Whether it will be better than what we got from Disney is a question that will remain in limbo for 1000 generations. The Star Wars archives are already available. You can see an excerpt from the book about Reddit.

George Lucas wanted Mole to be a big bad guy in the sequels, this is from the new Star Wars book, episode 1-3 prequel with new interviews with Lucas from r/StarWarsLeaks.

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