The President of the Football Association, Greg Clarke, apologised on Tuesday for using a racist expression during the parliamentary hearings on the future of English football.

When asked why there are no openly gay elitist football players in England, Clark answered: The answer is as follows: I don’t know, that’s true, because I’ve spent a lot of time with people in the LGBT community. I’ve talked to LGBT athletes from other sports that came out of the closet.

The opinions I heard when I looked at what happens to senior female footballers, senior colored footballers and the abuses they commit in the social media.

At the meeting of the Committee on Digital Affairs, Culture, Media and Sport, Mr Clark pointed to the lack of progress in the discussions between the Premier League, the English Football Association and the Football Association and agreed on a financial package which would help the 92 clubs to survive the continuous decline in revenue caused by COVID-19.

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However, Members of the European Parliament have taken the opportunity to raise a number of broader issues, including the lack of representation of ethnic minorities in meeting rooms and the under-funding of women’s and grassroots football.

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Not in the crowd, because that kind of behavior can be found in the crowd, but most people have bought a subscription and will behave this way because they will be banished for life if they make racist or homophobic representations.

But social networks are free for everyone. People can see that you are black, and if they don’t like black people because they are dirty racists, they will abuse you anonymously on the internet. You can tell if you’re a woman.

Some of the noisy black soccer players are exposed to terrible violence. I talked to them. Absolutely disgusting abuse. I didn’t talk directly to the gays because I couldn’t find anyone to meet me. But if I’m talking to other people during a competition, to gay athletes, why are you volunteering for these abuses?

As soon as you raise your hand, the dark corners of social media will come at you and we need the government to help us regulate social media, so that racists, homophobes and misogynies can’t attack anyone who dares to say something they don’t agree with. We need help in this area.

Clarke then answered another question before DCMS chairman Julian Knight interrupted a meeting with another Cardiff MP, Western MP Kevin Brennan.

Mr. Clark, it’s not about diversity, it’s about recording football – that’s the problem Brennan started.

When you said something earlier, I think I heard you talking about people of colour – if that were the case, would you remove that language? Because it is not the language that means that inclusion is not a reality, even though football is very diverse and knows many people from ethnic minorities and homosexuals.

Clark said: First of all, when I say that, I’m very sorry. Secondly, I am the fruit of my work abroad. I worked in the United States for many years, where I had to use the term people with one skin tone because it was a product of their diversity legislation and positive action format. Sometimes I stumble over the words and apologize deeply.

Clarke explained how the FA deals with diversity and inclusion in English football and acknowledged the importance of these issues in long and detailed answers.

But his testimony was littered with even more clumsy expressions, Asian stereotypes and the coach’s claim that young girls do not like to be kicked to the ball.

If you contact the IT department of the FA, there are many more people from the Caribbean in South Asia than in Africa, he said in one of the responses. They have different professional interests.

Shortly after the hearing, the FA made the following statement: Greg Clark sends his deepest apologies for the language he used today during the selection committee’s hearing on ethnic minorities. He admitted that the use of the term colored was inappropriate and apologized sincerely at the hearing.

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