Monday the 9th. In November, the Vikings signed the cornerback of Codrea Tankersley in 2016 from the Dolphins’ coaching staff.

The Vikings scour the free office to fill out the list of replacements for the exhausted corner group that missed four players against the Detroit Lions.

On Monday, the Vikings signed a contract with Cordrea Tankersley, the third runner-up to the Miami Dolphin coaching staff, who originally participated in the third round of the 2017 NFL draft.

Tankersley started 11 games as a rookie, scoring 31 laps and 7 assists in his first season before getting an ACL break in 2018 that kept him out of the last two seasons.

Tankersley, who struggled to regain his usual form after his injury, saw the Dolphins’ front office aggressively strengthen their corner corners, bring in a rookie cornerback for Noah Igbinogen’s first-round opener and make Byron Jones the league’s highest paid cornerback by signing a five-year, $82.5 million contract with the former Dallas Cowboy.

These two talented corners join the professional bowler Xavien Howard. Tankersley stopped on Tankersley’s side before he returned to the NFL game.

Tankersley is still a favorite with the Dolphins, who hired former patriot corner coach Josh Boyer, who coaches five defensive rounds with Stephon Gilmore, Malcolm Butler, Darrell Revis, Akiba Taliba and Devin McCurty.

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Tankersley played every four years in Clemson, where he won the national championship in 2016. Pro Football Focus called him the best corner defender in his concept class. Tankersley, with its 1.80 m to 1.90 m frame, has demonstrated its ability to block receivers on the line.

The Tankersley 4.40 40, the fifth largest in the concept class in 2017, was a bonus because it turned out to be the perfect corner with the size and speed required for NFL superiority. In his last two seasons with Clemson he scored 41,2 points. The tankers were seen as a prospect for the second round, which had been pushed into the sediment by the deep precipitation in the corner areas.

Your newest member @MiamiDolphins, @ClemsonFB’s Cordrea Tankersley!

Now dolphin, forever tiger. #MustSeeACC

– 28. CCA Digital Network (@theACCDN) 29. CCA Digital Network (@theACCDN) April 2017.

The highlight of Tankersley’s new season was a broken pass against the Atlanta Falcons that ended the Dolphins’ game.

It was a special play by Dolphin newcomer Cordrea Tankersley. Excellent closing speed and advice from Red Jones. It’s a big moment. This is the best part of Miami.

– Ian Wharton (@NFL Film Study) 17. October 2017.

Tankersley’s biggest criticism so far has been excessive physical and manual work, especially at the top of the job, where he dropped eight interference calls during his college year.

If Tankersley improves his game, who goes?

Viking coach Mike Zimmer is widely recognized as one of the top coaches in the corner league and is still working on his magic this season with a brand new corner hall.

It was a group that didn’t have third-year Mike Hughes and Holton Hill corner, third-year debutant Cameron Danzler and sophomore Mark Fields II corner. Danzler still has to face the Chicago Bears this week, but the third round newcomer is still in the air for the other three.

Within two weeks, Zimmer has already merged the former Detroit Lyons and the Arizona Cardinals Chris Jones. Jones was useful against the Lions and proved that Zimmer was ready to play on the leather corners.

When Tankersley comes out and can improve his game, it can put the Vikings in a difficult position when they have to cut a group of corners.


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