One of the most unexpected and terrifying horrors of the year was the Master of Shiver, as it was written, erased, edited and released completely during the blockade caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Despite its limitations, the film proved to be even more effective than some of the other horror films released this year, with the host having a zoom-based session format, as many around the world are used to communicating with others via videoconferencing. While the film is currently only available through Shudder’s streaming service, the British company Second Sight will launch a new version of the film on the 22nd. February 2021: issue of a limited edition Blu-ray.

Warden: [Rob Savage] The master gets our limited edition Blu-ray treatment! Date of publication 22. February, full information and pre-order in the near future! A second look was shared on Twitter.

**HOST: LIMITED EDUCATION**@The DirRobSavage Lock-Horror Phenomenon #Host receives our limited edition Blu-ray treatment! Date of publication 22. February, full information and pre-order in the near future! @Jedshepherd @gemgemhurley @douglasbcox

– The second photo (@ The second photo) from 2. December 2020.

While fans have appreciated that streaming services can make movies instantly available, the upcoming Blu-ray release will probably come with some special features that will tell you how the movie was made.

The Host is the story of six friends who hire a clairvoyant to do a zoom session during a lockdown, but they get a lot more than they take for granted because things quickly go wrong. When an evil spirit begins to invade their homes, they realize that they may not survive the night. Movie stars: Hayley Bishop (Deep State), Radina Drandova (Dawn of the Deaf), Edward Linard (Rebels), Gemma Moore (Destiny: Destruction), Caroline Ward (Containment) and Emma Louise Webb (Crown), who also managed their own cameras, helped to create their own practical effects and illuminate their own scenes. Because of the precautions taken to maintain social distance, Savage never sets foot in the same space as his actors during a production, but rather leads them from a distance to the right place.

Fans were not the only ones enthusiastic about the film, as director Savage has commissioned projects from Blumhouse Productions and is working with Evil Dead creator Sam Raimy on a project that allows the filmmaker to try out different film techniques.

I don’t want to be a zoomist, Savage told me about a new movie that’s going to change format. I love found images, and I am very happy to work in the found image genre. It really got me thinking about doing more in this area. I think if we do another zoom movie and we do it directly, playing in the same sandbox as the master, the output will drop. So I think the idea that we have a sequel, which is a sequel, I wouldn’t call it a direct sequel, but a spiritual sequel. And I don’t think anyone’s gonna see it. I think it’s an improvement on what the Master did, and I think it will surprise a lot of people.

The owner lands on the 22nd. February 2021 on a limited edition Blu-ray.

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