Germany has again announced the closure of the cinemas. France is likely to make the same announcement in the next few hours. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has ordered that all theatres in 2. This period is expected to end in November as the global health crisis continues to spread. Italy has already entered a new phase of containment, as an alarming peak is still spreading across Europe. The director of Germany’s largest theatre organisation, HDF Kino, says she is stunned by the new closures and warns that the theatres could be destroyed.

The closure of the new theatres in Germany will take the first 4 weeks to be reviewed. The bars will also be closed, while contact between citizens will be limited to two households or ten people on the street. In Germany there is a huge increase this week, with daily infection rates up to 14,000 people, much higher than at the beginning of March. Angela Merkel warns of the very, very difficult months ahead. The health authorities have warned the United States about the same problem.

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The HDF disputes Germany’s decision to close down again and claims that there is no known COVID-19 contamination worldwide in connection with a visit to the cinema. HDF also warns that this could mean the end of theatre in Europe as we know it. We no longer understand the constant ups and downs. Over the past six months we have worked in cinemas with detailed security concepts, large rooms, modern ventilation systems and power consumption of only 25%, according to HDF. The cinemas have a big responsibility for their visitors, but that doesn’t help them.

Now that more and more European countries are starting to block theatres again, it is only a matter of time before the theatres in the United States also have to close down. In recent months, the number of cases has increased extremely rapidly, with figures darkened since March, when the flu season began. Many theatres, especially in Los Angeles and New York, have not even opened their doors since the beginning of the public health crisis.

While the world keeps a close eye on Europe to see how the second round of closures will unfold. If all goes well, the situation will gradually improve over the next four weeks, which will take us to December. If nothing changes, it will be a very difficult holiday period. Theatres across North America have asked Congress to provide support funds, but all negotiations have been suspended by President Donald Trump until after Tuesday’s presidential election. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait and see how the next few weeks go. This deadline was one of the first to re-announce the closure of cinemas in Germany.

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Germany Is Reclosing All Movie Theaters, France May Soon Follow
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